How to prepare the SOP for Australia study visa?

A student essay has become the most mandatory requirement for a university abroad to grant admission to Indian students. This essay also known as the Statement Of Purpose includes a lot of information about the student. This essay provides information which is used to distinguish the students from others and make the university where he is seeking admission, realize his value.

A student should follow some mandatory requirements while preparing his Statement Of Purpose and include the following information:

  • Student’s background: All the information about the past of a student prior to making his application for the student visa has to be included. This includes information about where a student was born, what is the occupation of his parents and where does he live.
  • Education: the student should also provide all the relevant information about his alma-maters like his school, college, and where were they located. He can also include some information about the length and the components of his courses and why did he choose them.
  • Interest in the course selected: The student when he chooses to pursue a specific course in the foreign university has a lot of reason and passion for doing so. This course is the basis of his career. All these reasons should be explained in the statement of purpose as to why the student chose a specific purpose.
  • The reason why he chose a certain university in a certain country: The student has reasons to pick a certain country over others for doing his course. The student should completely and strongly explain in his Statement Of Purpose, that why he sought Australia because he believes its quality of education to be better than other.

The student should also be able to offer strong reasons for preferring the chosen college/university over others.

  • After education goals, after completion of the course and in long-term: a student should mention what he plans to do after finishing the concerned course, whether he plans to leave Australia or start searching for employment here. The student should also let it know in his statement of purpose what he plans to do in the future with the education he has been equipped with.
  • Extracurricular activities and recognition: The university wants to know the traits of the entire personality of a student before giving admission to him. Therefore, the student should include in his statement of purpose what activities he pursues besides studies. If he has received some recognition for these activities like some awards he should also make a mention of them.
  • The USP: The student should include all his extraordinary attributes which distinguish him. These attributes could be related to his psychological or mental qualities, like he may be having extraordinary memory or exceptional IQ like Mark Zuckerberg.
  • The student if he has some physical strengths can also talk about them in this statement of purpose to convince the university as to why he is a better choice for admission as compared to others.

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