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Up to the present time, when games like PUBG, League of Legends or Overwatch have gradually passed their heyday, Offline games like Just Cause 4 or GTA V are still hot games chosen by most gamers to go through the pandemic together. However, the big obstacle for most of you when looking for these offline games is that they will require more powerful hardware than the online games mentioned above. If you are wondering to find yourself the best gaming computer configuration today, optimizing the cost, do not ignore the suggestions below of PC


Choose VGA Compatible with Your Screen:-

Choose to suit the screens in use, many Gaming monitors on the market today are equipped with accompanying technologies that will greatly complement the gamers’ experience. If the monitor has G-Sync technology available, choose Nvidia’s VGA, and if the monitor is equipped with FreeSync technology, AMD is the best choice. These are two exclusive technologies of the two giants on the market, which work to prevent tearing, lag, improve processing and optimize your VGA.


Hard Drive:-

Compatible with Motherboard, SATA III SSD can be installed with all Mainboards, but NVMe PCIe SSDs cannot be installed by Intel H or AMD A series Mainboards.

Note the number of HDDs, most mid-range case models today can only install 1 – 2 drives, if you want to install more to store “documents”, you must choose a larger case. SSD should choose the prestigious brands in the market such as Samsung, WD, Kingston, and Seagate.


Power Source:-

Size: You cannot choose an ATX source for an ITX case, or a case that is too small, but choose a Full Module source, because the thick wires cannot be inserted into the power compartment.

Performance: Should choose sources with 80 Plus Bronze standard (most popular today), depending on the components in the machine to calculate how to choose the most accurate source. Should choose sources of famous and famous brands, if you underestimate the power supply, it also means that you have put your apparatus in a very dangerous situation.


PC Case:-

In the past, the concept of “case” was simply a metal box, containing internal components so that the PC kit could work, but today, gaming PC configurations in addition to high configuration requirements. , is also a case that not only ensures sturdiness and durability, but also has to meet aesthetic requirements. Grasping the trend of “aestheticizing” the PC set of gamer manufacturers have continuously researched and changed and improved their case products to suit the most modern times.

Case sizes from large to small are E-ATX, ATX, mATX, ITX … depending on the needs of the user can choose the most reasonable, and this is a very popular thing today. Traditional box-shaped cases will often design the side to be tempered glass, so that users can show-off the components in their apparatus, this “disclosure” is completely voluntary, with Colorful events are displayed.

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