How to Overcome the Problems of Business Cards 7 Tips

business card boxes

Business cards are an introduction of a professional and of a business entity. It tells about the credentials of an individual and the stature of the company. These cards are small in size but gigantic in their task. A well planned card contributes more than the information it carries. It creates professional look and develop affiliation with customers. The variety of designs, color schemes, patterns and styles can create a lasting impression on the receiver of cards. The winning cards should carry a strong introduction and essential information about the organization and official. The name, designation, professional qualification of the official along with company name, logo and nature of the business should be printed with thematic color scheme.

The business card should be attention-grabbing and revealing but not at the cost of quality. It can create a lasting impression that will help to promote your business. Despite their effectiveness, there are some problems connected to them. Also, it is common that some errors and omissions happen during the creation of business cards that can diminish your first impression. Here we share some easy tips that if taken into account, the errors and mistakes can be avoided.

Create versatility

If your cards carry same routine design and style like those of other contenders, you will face problem impressing your customers in first meeting. It is better if the theme of your brand with attributed brand colors is used on the card. Select premium quality material and advanced printing technology like letterpress or blind embossing.

Low-cost cards might save your money for the time being but they can ruin your impression. It is recommended touse high quality material for your custom printed business cards with the design, style and typography expressing your brand. Consider also the size and arrangement of your card. To become conspicuous and distinctive, you can use a rectangular shape, smoothed corners, or up right direction. You can also create uniqueness by using the back side of the card for essential information remains excluded on the front side. Business card boxes can be another option that can make your contact with clients memorable. You can give custom printed boxes to your clients for storage of cards that will keep your presence fresh in his mind and will strengthen business relations.

Make your logo prominent

Your card is beyond mere contact information. It represents your business and business is identified by a logo that creates your brand recognition. Business logo with company name is a central component of card design. They thrive visual branding of your business that influences business decisions of others. It also affects other components of the design & style of your card. It is also recommended to specify the back side of your card for business logo as it demands printing noticeably on the card for straight away look by the prospect customers.

Make your card appealing

Often some cards are dull in appearance and caste no effects. A business card should be appealing and attractive especially business cards for retail packaging as they are comparatively more in demand. The card should inspire when someone holds it. The quality material with quality printing can create some special feeling. By means of using advance techniques like engraving, embossing and thermography, three-dimensional cards can be produced. It is also pertinent not to stuff your card with extra writing because it will embarrass the reader search out his point of interest. To make the card prominent and appealing, make the border of contrast or white color to draw attention. Also spare some space to add a brief note or message before you present your card to somebody.

No compromise on quality

A general problem of cards is that often people use substandard material to save the cost. It spoils the appearance and look of the card and leaves a poor image during the meeting. Paper stock is another option that can create a bit distinction to your card. Poor quality material also makes quality printing impossible and difficult. It is advisable to use advance technology of printing catering to the modern requirements in custom packaging. Besides, the use of quality colors is also very important for producing premium professional business cards. Use your brand colors in your cards as perfectly as possible. Show resilience to ensure super quality of colors that will create vivid and superb hues and shades to catch the eye. Another problem in terms of quality is the storage of these cards. Cardboard boxes can be the first-rate option for the purpose for being robust and sturdy and they keep the cards safe and protected. They are also preferred for shipping and delivery of business cards wholesale in bulk.

Avoid ambiguity

Print relevant, clear and easy to understand text and images on your cards. Make the matter on your cards look clear and conspicuous to clearly express your message. Name of the professional, company, logo and address should be clearly written to avoid any ambiguity. There is prevalent now days to inscribe the QR code on the card that facilitates the customer to scan the code from smart phone and get virtual link to company website, add them to your mailing list or give them a distinct promotion.

Organize your information

Make it certain to mention all essential information on your card to facilitate the client to contact you back. The card must include all necessary information required like name and professional credentials, company name, contact, website, email address, and social media handles. It is requisite that make a flow of information on your card clearly. A professional design of the card should start with this sequence i.e. the logo, name of the professional, then other information like email address and phone numbers etc.

Meticulous proofreading

There is a general problem of errors and mistakes in text of the card. There may be spelling mistakes, wrong contact number or email address that will be a big hurdle for the clients to contact you. The whole effort of printing the cards goes futile and resources of time and money are wasted away. It is very imperative to do meticulous and proofreading of the card and correct the omissions and errors.

In conclusion we can be confident to say that these easy tips can be a great help to overcome the problems of business cards. They will also assist in repurposing your business cards to make your impression stronger and long lasting.

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