How to impress a girl on social media

With so many social media platforms, you might be wondering how a girl will ever notice you. Fortunately, some simple ways can help you stand out from the crowd and get her attention. If your mind is toiling with questions like, ” how to dm a girl on Instagram or how to impress a girl with chatting”, then we’re at your rescue. Here’s how you can impress a girl online.

  1. Follow Them on the Platform Where They Have the Most Followers

By following her on the biggest platform, you send a vague sign that she’s on your radar. Play it cool by picking the platform where she has the most followers so that you can easily comment and like her posts. Such a platform will allow you to send multiple notifications and help you get noticed.

  1. Create an attractive profile

Another way to attract a girl online is by creating an attractive profile and adding cool information. By making your account public, there are chances that you might appear on her search page, and she will be able to look into you. Try to include some interests or hobbies in your profile that match her.

  1. Interact with her newest posts

Don’t like or comment on posts that are a week old. This does not mean that you can’t check out her previous posts. You can look at those posts to know more about her, but try not to interact through them. Instead, try to interact with her through the newest posts.

  1. Comment occasionally

Avoid commenting on each post, as this will make her feel that you are too eager or have plenty of time on your hands. Also, try not to comment first; wait for others to drop in some comments. You can also skip commenting on popular posts with multiple comments and limit yourself to just one comment on one post.

  1. Use Your Mutual Friends to Your Advantage

You can use your mutual friends to your advantage by posing with them and asking them to tag you. Even though the girl might not know you, she will at least be able to put a name to your face with this.

  1. Re-post her shareable content.

Look for content that can be shared like memes or call for action. With this, she’ll get an instant notification, and you’ll be on her mind. She might develop a positive association with you since you shared her post. There are chances that she will comment on your re-post or send a message to you.

  1. Send her a Direct message

If you feel like she’s aware of you, then just go ahead with leaving a direct message. You can either leave her a message or comment on something she has posted. And, if she texts back, then keep it going.

These were some of how you can impress a girl on Instagram or any other platform. All you need to keep in mind is that just don’t bug in with so many comments, likes, or dms. Instead, follow a gradual approach.

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