How to get a PR visa Canada with us supporting you?

Have you ever wanted to be in Canada? This is possible through a Canada PR visa. This PR visa judges an applicant for his education, experience and even his English.

Every fortnight or so, candidates who apply for the Express Entry are selected through a draw. There are many ways in which you can aply to the province of Canada. There is the Atlantic immigration pilot program, Express Entry and the start up visa. The Express Entry program allows one to be in Canada if he has meeting any of the condition set as pet the two programs of the express entry system. These three programs are federal skilled workerand Canadian experience class. The federal skilled worker is an easy system, under which anyone with an experience of 1 year outside Canada can apply. Canadian Experience Class welcomes those who have 1 year experience in Canada. Nile Migration knows all these programs in depth and can offer you help about these. The Express Entry has been selecting a large number of candidates since the last 5 draws, at approximately 3,350. Now, you can also become a part of this program by making sure that you have an experienced consultant on your side like us.

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A lot of factors are responsible whether a candidate is able to get the Canada PR visa. First of them all, is that you should have a relative who is already a PR holder of this country. This requirement is quite important for someone to be in Canada. Canada knows that with this requirement being met, you have will be able to live here quite easily with the emotional support provided by the relative.

Even French speaking immigrants are able to get here quite easily. The latest changes as per the Express Entry provide you with 30 extra points for being able to speak French easily.

There is also an ideal age to apply for this visa. This age should not be more than 44. You would not be preferred for immigration once you are 45 years old. The candidate must file the immigration file at the right time.

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You also need a lot many documents to apply for this visa. These documents are the passport, the police clearance certificate, the ECA (educational credential assessment) report which is mandatory in case you have applied for the federal skilled workers program. In case you have applied for the Canada experience class, an ECA is not mandatory.

Medical exams are also needed after a candidate gets the acknowledgement of receipt, after all the documents have been submitted by him. These exams are actually needed for your family members even if they don’t are not accompanying you to Canada. You get a medical report form from the panel physician who conducts this test for you.

Apart from medical exams and police clearance certificates are necessary. This police clearance certificate is useful when you have lived in a country even for a minimal duration of 6 months after becoming 18 years old. You must have this PCC with you from your home country also. So, you can get so much of backing for the Canada PR visa from us also.

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