How to Fix Ping In PUBG Mobile 2021 (FULL Guide)

How to Fix Ping In PUBG Mobile 2021

PUBG is one of the most popular online multiplayer games and frankly, we have no qualms about accepting that fact. However, even though the game servers are adequate, we sometimes run into issues like higher pings causing the game to become unresponsive at all.  Fix Ping In PUBG Mobile.

While some users may have a slow internet connection, even users with better connectivity cannot get pings below 100 MS in some cases. So to solve this problem, we have come to this article where we have listed 8 ways to Solve high ping in PUBG mobile. We’ve kept the guide pretty simple and straightforward, so there’s no need to worry about that. With that said, let’s get started.

  • 2 Use the native game enhancer
  • 3 Control WiFi settings
  • 4 Disable background sync
  • 5 Try third-party tools
  • 6 How to change server in pubg
  • 7 Manage space
  • 8 Repair PUBG
  • 9 Get a 5GHz WiFi router
  • 10Reduce Ping in PUBG and Enjoy Smooth Gameplay

8 Ways To Reduce Ping On PUBG Mobile In 2021

Here, we have mentioned 8 different techniques that can reduce ping considerably while playing PUBG. All the steps are quite simple and no root access is needed to achieve a low ping in PUBG. Also, if you have a low-end device, you should read our article on how to improve PUBG performance on low-end devices, before continuing with this article. Now, without wasting time, let’s jump right in. Fix Ping In PUBG Mobile

Note: I am using Redmi K20 Pro as my test device so the setup could be similar on all Xiaomi devices. However, if you are using a third-party device, the settings may vary slightly. In that case, look around the Settings page and look for similar strings and you’ll likely find the dedicated Settings menu. If you can’t find them, comment your problems with the name of your device below and we will help youALl

1. Use the native game enhancer

Lately, smartphones come with built-in game enhancers that are designed to reduce background activities so you can have smooth gameplay. Boosters can optimize device performance, reduce latency, and prioritize bandwidth for the current game. These native enhancers can also prevent background applications from accessing the network, memory, and crucial resources while gaming. So the bottom line is that if you control the background sync you will have a lower ping on PUBG Mobile. Fix Ping In PUBG Mobile



If you use a Xiaomi device, you can enable the Game Turbo settings on your smartphone in the Mi Security application. And if you are using a OnePlus device, you can enable Game Mode by following Settings -> Utilities -> Game Mode. Similarly, other OEM devices have different settings strokes, so if you check out the Settings page, you’ll find something akin to gameplay.

In case your device doesn’t have a dedicated Game Booster, you can download the Game Booster app from Play Store and it should lag fix on PUBG mobile.

2. Control WiFi settings

If you are playing PUBG on Wi-Fi with a good internet connection and the ping is still abnormally high, you may need to manually configure the WiFi settings. Open the settings page and go to WiFi. Here, look for “Advanced” or “Additional Settings.” Now, find the Traffic mode and change it to “Extreme Mode”. This will redirect all network resources to the current application, eventually leading to a lower ping. Fix Ping In PUBG Mobile


3. Disable background sync

Another way to fix the ping in PUBG Mobile is to stop the background syncing of apps manually. You can do it on any Android device by opening Settings and going to Applications. Here, select the suspicious app and tap on “Restrict data usage.” Now, uncheck “WLANWiFi” and “Mobile data”. Similarly, you can configure the “Battery Saver” settings to restrict background activity.

4. Try third-party tools

If the above steps did not reduce the ping in PUBG Mobile then you can try some third-party tools. The GFX tool is a very popular application among smartphone gamers and you can use it to reduce ping while playing games. Change the following settings for low latency PUBG: 720p graphics, render quality to medium or low, turn off shadows and light effects, and lastly turn on GPU optimization. This should reduce the ping in PUBG.

You can also use another application called Mobile Gaming Ping to reduce latency. The application can improve the server-client connection with a one-touch button.

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5. How to change server in pubg

Sometimes due to heavy load, PUBG servers cannot keep up with multiple requests and that leads to a higher ping rate. So, you can just change the server in PUBG Mobile and see if the ping is dropping below 100. Besides that, you can also use a VPN that will connect you to a different server. I have tested the Turbo VPN and it is among the best free VPNs out there with excellent response time. So, install the VPN and change the location to your own country and try playing PUBG. You should have a lower ping this time.

6. Manage the space

If your smartphone storage is full and there are some space limitations, you should clean your device to allow for smooth gaming. There are many applications that create GB of cache even if you don’t use them often. So, go to Settings and open Applications, and then clear the cache of suspicious applications. Hopefully, this should result in a better ping on PUBG Mobile. All the top PUBG players use Clean space Mobile for PUBG.

7. Repair PUBG

If all else fails, you can always fix PUBG using the built-in tweaks. On the login screen, tap on the “Repair” button, and PUBG will be reinstalled from scratch. However, keep in mind that it will reset all your game settings and custom controls. Nonetheless, it should significantly reduce the ping while playing PUBG.

8. Get a 5GHz WiFi router

So, you have a great internet connection and you did all of the above, but you still can’t lower the ping below 100ms, so your router could be the culprit. Today, our homes are filled with tons of smart devices that operate in the same 2.4GHz range. This makes the 2.4GHz frequency range extremely congested and if other users are already hogging your router then the latency becomes even worse. Therefore, getting a 5GHz router will allow you to connect to the server much faster without any delay in response. The bottom line remains, go for the 5GHz router and enjoy PUBG lag-free with zero latency.

Reduce Ping in PUBG and Enjoy Smooth Gameplay

So that was our short article on how to fix ping while playing PUBG online. We have included 8 different ways that can greatly reduce the ping below 100 so you can have a lag-free game. So go through the article step by step and I am sure you will find a solution. Anyway, that’s it from us. If our article has helped you fix your ping problem, then comment below and let us know.For more information you can laso read

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