How to Build a Brand with the help of Social Media

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Not sure how a social media management course can help your marketing executive achieve an enviable online presence for your brand? We’ve got a few numbers and facts up our sleeve to convince you that social media marketing is one of the best marketing decisions you can make. An engaging and consistent social media presence is indispensable for brands who wish to soar today.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Facebook changed the face of online marketing. The launch of Facebook made businesses realize the importance of social media to create brand awareness. In 2022, 82 percent of the US population had at least one social media account. The worldwide amount of social media users went up to 4.2 billion in January 2021. These users spent around 145 minutes every day on their preferred social media networks.

The numbers speak for themselves here. Every brand aspiring to widen its scope and engage with its audience effectively needs to look into social media marketing. It’s a no-brainer that you must market your digital product on various social media platforms to gain traction. But what about products like electronics, cosmetics, and clothes? Or services like food delivery and appliance repair? Everything gets done online these days. Want to buy a dress for your best friend’s wedding? Head to your favorite online boutique. Hungry? Place an order on your local food delivery platform.

Owning a brand of a certain product and creating a brand on social media are two distinct processes. Each social media platform attracts a particular demographic and caters niche content to them. So before you narrow down on a social media marketing strategy, let us take you through the basics.

Make sure you’ve got these basics down to a tee and your social media brand awareness sail smoothly.

Pick the right social media platform:

Are you a brand that thrives on attractive visuals? Instagram is your best bet here. Instagram reels are insanely popular. The younger user base of Instagram also makes it ideal to target your Gen Z audience. Twitter is a place to exchange ideas and news. Facebook users also tend towards the consumption of news and information, but they’re older.

Know where your target audience is and what kind of content they like to consume to pick the best social media platform for your brand,

Create a unique and relatable brand voice:

You might want to create a few fictional and relatable marketing personas to let your target audience know that there are real people behind the brand. Marketing personas can also help create content from the customer’s perspective. It can help you understand what it’s like to be in their shoes. Identifying and solving their problems comes easily after that.

Posting relatable reels, memes and other fast-consuming content can help your audience identify with your brand. Customer loyalty is only a few steps ahead of this.

Be consistent:

Work out a schedule to regularly post content on your social and stick to it. For eg, post content Sunday evenings every week which is a time when your audience’s time spent on social media tends to peak. If you’re a newer brand, we recommend that you post content more frequently to cast a wider net to garner an audience. Try not to deviate from the schedule, so you don’t leave your audience hanging.

Pay attention to analytics:

Analytics provided by various social platforms can help you figure out the when. who, why, and how your social visitors are consuming your content. Pay close attention to when visitors peak, their demographic, gender, country, etc. Notice what kind of content sticks, weed the kind of content that doesn’t seem to have much of an impact.

Visuals matter:

Optics do matter. The color schemes, graphics, motifs, and even the logo of your brand can speak a thousand words. If your audience is older and more serious, pick deeper themes in your content visuals, try to use a soothing and cooler color scheme. If your audience is younger, pick vibrant colors, exuberant and youthful graphics. Animation is your friend in keeping a younger audience hooked.

Get influencers on board:

Have you noticed the amount of followers influencers manage to attract? They’re clearly doing something right. They seem to have a knack for keeping their target audience hooked. You need people like this on your team. If you’re a beauty brand, hire beauty influencers to get the word out there. Ask influencers to market your new products on their socials.


Be authentic:

A unique brand voice is half the battle. Let others do what they do the best. Your brand needs its own unique identity. Something that sets it apart from the competition. Emulating your competitors isn’t gonna get your social media presence very far. Remember that social media users have a short attention span. They do not read your content thoroughly, but they skim through it.

Authenticity can hold their attention. Imagine creating content similar to your competitor who’s been doing it for longer than you have. There’s no hook there. Grab their attention with something they haven’t seen before. Be unique and authentic.

Make a real connection with your audience:

Social media users are stereotyped to be superficial and fake. But that’s just what it is, a stereotype. Standing up for causes your audience cares about can make a world of a difference to your connection with them. Try to use the brand’s voice to create awareness about social causes that strike a chord with your target audience.


For eg, high schoolers might care about anti-bullying awareness, stand up for that cause and engage with their audience through it. Do you cater mainly to a female audience? Don’t forget to wish them on women’s day! You can make relatable posts about being a woman in a certain industry or share their experiences through your brands’ voice.


All said and done, social media is an incredible tool to get your brand out there. It has the potential to make or break your brand. Use this tool to its best with our tips on social media marketing.


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