How to apply for Green Card from India?

How to apply for Green Card from India?

A green card defined as Permanent Resident Card. It is an identity document that shows that the person has permanent resident in any country like US. USCIS (US citizenship and Immigration Office) approve the Green Cards to all the permanent residents as proof that they we authorized to live and work out here in the US. However, the immigration process is often long and time tanking.

Ways to apply for permanent resident in such ways:

Green card through family:-

If one of your family member or relative lives out there in US they can also sponsor you to get a Green Card for Indians. Resident citizen can apply for lawful permanent residents or Green card while you are in the US. For this category you need a relative, fiancé or victim for cruelty of a US citizen.

A citizen of the United States can make a request over 21 years for his spouse, children or parents. A green card holder can turn sponsor his spouse or children.

Green card through employment

Each year green card can deliver over 140,000 employment-based green cards. There are some different priority categories when granting permanent residence, given to:-

  • To people of having extraordinary ability in the science, arts, business and athletics.
  • Excellent professors and researchers.
  • Certain executive and managers.

Procedure to apply for Green Card

Inside and outside process:-

If you are eligible to apply for any of the categories above mentioned, then the first thing need to check is which process to choose. Also take consular processing which is basically for the candidates who live outside of the US.

Immigrant petition:-

For this someone has to apply for the immigrant petition for you which is often called sponsoring. In some cases you can do it with yourself depending all on your eligibility.

Green card application with USCIS:-

Once this approves immigrant petition, then the visa comes to your category. Either you need to file a visa application with the US department of State or Green card application with. This hence includes all the file and fees in it.

Biometrics appointment:-

The biometrics appointment includes all your fingerprints, photos and a signature.


USCIS reviews your file and then appoints a interview with you.


Finally your decision will out, and once selected will provide you a Green Card hence valid for 10 years.

US tax preparers in India

If you are citizen or permanent resident of the United States then you are obligated to file tax with IRS each year. No matter in which country you are live in. for regular income tax return, you could also be required to file an informational return on your assets held in foreign bank accounts with FinCEN from 114. As US taxes are international income of its citizens.

If are a citizen of the US should know about the procedure of paying tax by approaching US tax preparers in India. You will be able to take benefits to reduce, or even avoid your US expat taxes with proper planning. You can totally skip all the hectic procedure if you get the guidance of USAIndiaCFO.

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