How should you take care of your homecoming dresses?

Homecoming is just around the corner and that means it’s time to start thinking about what you are going to wear.  There are a few basic rules for dressing for this special occasion, so if you have any interest in looking stylish and maintaining your dignity, please read on.

Classifications of Colors

First of all, there is nothing more detrimental to a young lady’s wardrobe than wearing white.  The color of innocence and purity, white is not a suitable choice for such an event.  One must question your intentions if you arrive dressed in the color of angels when you know there’s going to be alcohol flowing like water.  

A young lady should also never wear blue to a homecoming.  It is the color of trustworthiness and loyalty, which are not traits that one seeks in a date for this kind of event.

The last big fashion “don’t” is wearing red.  This should be an obvious no-no as it’s the color associated with anger and rage, so unless you’re looking to give your date a minor heart attack, steer clear of this color on the big night.

Wear shoes that are comfortable and easy to walk in.

No one is impressed by your ability to carry yourself in heels, so save them for another day. The one rule is don’t wear anything too revealing.  Homecoming is not the time to show off more skin than normal.  It’s also not the time to wear baggy jeans that are more suited for a day of playing video games.  If you’re worried about your date being able to keep their hands off you, try wearing pants instead of a dress.

Homecoming dresses

Contrary to popular belief, homecoming is not an occasion where it’s appropriate to wear an elegant gown.  You’re not going to the prom, and your date won’t be getting you a corsage made out of flowers that will fall apart as soon as they bloom.  

A simple knee-length homecoming dresses is perfect for the dance, and if it fits well and flatters your figure, so much the better.  It’s also nice to have a dress in your wardrobe that you know works for you. 

With these simple fashion rules in mind, you’ll surely be the belle of the ball.  If anyone tries to tell you differently, just remind them that you’ve never had problems getting a date before, and homecoming is no different.

Some “Do’s” for the Homecoming:

There are also some very important fashion “do’s” that you should be aware of.  First off, it is always best to wear something comfortable and casual.  You’ll likely be doing lots of dancing so wearing flats or sandals is the way to go.  Next, it’s probably best to opt for a dress or skirt because it’s the appropriate length and also you’d look out of place otherwise.

If you’re worried about what accessories to wear, think simple. A pair of earrings or a silver necklace will suffice, and if the weather is chilly, don’t forget your cardigan. This way you can dance the night away without freezing to death.

Don’t skimp on accessories!  A gorgeous piece of jewelry is always a great choice as are glittery shoes that show off your personality. Make sure to take off any obvious makeup.  The last thing you want is for your date to worry that he’s going out with a clown. Go easy on the hair products.  The last thing you want is the big dance that caused your date to lose his place in line because he was distracted by your shellacked helmet head.


When it comes to homecoming, the most important thing you should keep in mind is that your date will be looking at you as much as you look at him.  Don’t do anything too flashy and unexpected because chances are he won’t notice and think that you’re trying to steal his spotlight.

Remember: what we wear to homecoming says a lot about us.  So, think carefully and wisely about how you want to proceed with it.  Who knows, after the dance you might find yourself in a new position where style and grace matter most!

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