How physical stimulation can help you mentally

physical stimulation

Your mental well-being can be harder to look after than your physical one at times. But did you know that the two are actually connected and have a knock-on effect on each other. If you’re already feeling glum, then the last thing you want is to go for a 5k run. Similarly, if you’re feeling physically exhausted and burnt out, you may find your emotions are all over the place. There are simple ways physical stimulation can help you mentally, and you don’t have to start hitting the gym to see the benefits. Here are some ways that physical stimulation can help you mentally. 

Sexual Stimulation 

If you’re feeling stressed day-to-day and can’t seem to unwind, you may be lacking sexual stimulation. It’s been suggested that the chemicals released during this type of stimulation can actually reduce your stress levels and flood you with feelings of relaxation. If you’re not ready to head into your nearest adult shop, you could take a look at an online sex shop. You’ll be able to browse hundreds of different toys that offer different forms of stimulation. Giving yourself new forms of physical stimulation that aren’t just exercise could help improve your mental health overall. 

Depression And Anxiety

If you suffer from depression or anxiety, you may want to increase your physical stimulation. There have been many studies into the effects of exercise on both conditions, and the general consensus was that the participants did see a change in their mood and symptoms lessened. That isn’t to say that if you train to run a marathon, your anxiety will disappear and never return. Instead, the studies show that regular movement can help with their side effects and improve your quality of life. You don’t need to become a fitness guru to see the benefits of physical stimulation on your mental health. You can start off by simply going for a walk on your lunch break or doing gentle exercise like swimming. 

As always, if you’re on prescribed medication to assist with your mental health, you shouldn’t stop taking it unless told by your doctor. So don’t try to replace your medication with exercise. 

Confidence Booster

Physical stimulation can actually help boost your confidence. If you start weightlifting at the gym, you may feel more confident with your newfound strength or enjoy hitting your fitness goals. All of these release positive chemicals into your brain and can reduce the negative thoughts you may have about yourself. You don’t need to completely change your body either to feel more confident. Exercising more can cause you to potentially lose weight and tone up your body, but it’s the releasing of endorphins that will help regulate your brain and improve your mental health. 

Sleep Better

Your sleep, or lack thereof, can drastically affect your mental well-being. If you’re consistently getting less than the recommended number of hours, you won’t be feeling your best when you get up. Increasing your physical stimulation through exercise can help you sleep better as you’ve burnt off all your energy, making you naturally tired. Sexual activity can also help you sleep better due to the chemicals released that relax your body. 

Trying to improve your well-being can be difficult when you lack motivation and hearing that physical stimulation can help improve it, probably isn’t what you want to hear. But adding in even small amounts of regular, gentle exercise can increase your positivity and help you feel better in the long run. Don’t let any minor limitations stop you either. If there isn’t a gym close to you, go for a half-hour walk. If the weather is awful, try and follow some exercise routine videos from the comfort of your own home. There are always options out there to try and take advantage of and if you really want to help better your mental well-being, don’t be afraid of trying something new!  

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