How Many Types of Social Media Ads Are There?

Social media ads are advertisements posted on social media platforms for the users to view. You can post your ads in any of the social media channels. Social networks use information from users to show advertisements, which are highly relevant according to a specific platform’s interaction. Sales can increase with low acquisition cost through social advertising. This happens when the primary audience is in line with the user statistics of a certain social network. To achieve that, your online video ads should be of top notch creativity and quality. This is why you need to work with a video maker online and use various layouts they have. 


Unlike in the past where the only advertising type was either through magazines,TV or billboard, nowadays there are many types of digital advertising platforms. Almost everybody is on social media. That means social media ads reach many people. We are going to look at the most common types of social media ads below:

Photo Ads

This is the most common type of ad. You will not fail to see photo ads daily on all social media channels. Compared to video and stories ads, creation of photo ads is simpler. Your advertisement photos must be of high quality before posting them on social media.


Brand awareness is built by photo ads. This is because your product is right ahead of the customer. A user should immediately identify an ad with your brand if the style of your photos are consistent with your posts and stories.


If you wish to bring a huge audience to your website then use photo ads. Other types of ads are outperformed by photo ads by bringing a huge traffic to your brand website.


Some photo ads have a shop now call-to-action button. This makes the purchasing experience for the customer easier.

Video Ads using a Video Maker Online

If a video on social media is long, many users are highly unlikely to watch. The shorter the video the more viewers it gets. Your video ads should be short so as to get the users attention and keep it. A video maker online makes your videos short, unique and entertaining to capture a user’s attention.


While scrolling through Instagram or Facebook, you find many short video ads. These apps allow you to create short videos. The users can view those videos quickly while going through their feed.


The advantage of video ads is that they are shareable. Social media users love sharing videos. That will make your brand to be well known and it will reach your target customers. You will get an audience if only you have outstanding and irresistible video ads from a video maker online.


You can also create long video ads if you have the resources.

Stories Ads

Stories Ads have a very big impact on users. Many people admit that they have bought a product or service through viewing them on stories ads. If you want your brand to reach many people, then you can post on Instagram stories. Instagram has a billion users.


Stories ads do not appear to your followers only. It’s not a must for a user to follow your account so as to see your brand’s ads.


The format of both instagram and facebook stories ads is full-screen, meaning your audience can view the products well. Instagram stories ads are upto 120 seconds long while Facebook is 6 seconds for photos and 15 seconds for a video. To achieve the desired video output on your stories, a video maker online can create online stories ads, which are fit for digital marketing. Therefore, your business gains more customers and generates more revenue.

Messenger Ads

A user does not always have to scroll through their feed so as to view an ad. On messenger, ads appear in between a user’s conversations. The ad should be captivating enough so that the user can click on it. Once the user clicks on the ad, the ad has a call-to-action button where it leads them to the brands website.

Carousel Ads

This is an ad which combines many images or videos just in one ad. Each image or video has its own link. This feature is available both on Facebook and Instagram. You should use this type of ad to showcase many of your products in just a single ad. It is both cost effective and interactive.


Your brand’s advertising objectives will come to pass when you use this type of ad since it has a record of strong results. As a matter of fact, the regular ads on facebook have been outperformed by carousel ads.


Carousel ads videos have a design recommendation. A video maker online will help you get your desired video without consuming much of your time. Carousel video ads are highly engaging than image ads.

Final Thoughts

Social media advertising is the most popular way of advertising in today’s world. All the social media channels offer advertising options. It is upon you to decide which platform and the type of advertising to use. This depends on where your target audience is at most. To create eye-catching video ads you should use a video maker online. 


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