How many articles should a blog have?

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If you are currently deciding whether it’s a good idea to start your own blog, hold your horses. To be able to be a successful blogger, you need to know how to get your blogs off the ground and in front of the eyes of your ideal audience. The biggest question that is asked by wannabe bloggers is how many articles should a blog have? The key word here is should.

Really? There is no “should”. A blog is considered to be a blog if there are regular posts that people are coming back again and again to read and understand. There are blog writing companies out there that you can commission to write on your behalf and you can choose how many blogs you release per week on that basis. If you choose to write your own blogs, you might decide to write less. Some bloggers worry that they don’t have a high enough jumping off number to begin a blog, and others feel they have too much content to get started with.

Experienced bloggers who have been down this road know that there is a big difference between what you envision and what the reality is and the reality is that you can plan and plan a ton of content and never use it. You can also post five blogs on your first day and then panic that you’ve run out of ideas. The reality of blogging is that so many begin with a lot of different content posts and then taper off as time goes on. It happens: blogging is hard, so the idea of it is far easier than the reality!

Some of the best tips that you could ever need include the fact that you have to be prepared for writer’s block as a blogger, and that’s why blog writing companies exist: they can take the reins from you at any time to help you out.

Start With 3-5 Posts

Before you launch your blog, start out with up to five pieces of written content. These can be in the form of listicles, infographics, long articles or short and snappy content pieces. Brainstorming your ideas can lead to you posting some exciting blogs, but these first blog posts have to fit your niche; and they don’t even have to be perfect. It’ll take time to perfect your post writing, and these initial posts will give people a taste of what you can offer. It’ll also encourage them to come back and visit again. Drafting a few posts can help you to find your footing but you definitely don’t need to have hundreds on the backburner!

Aim To Be Consistent

The biggest thing to remember as a newbie blogger is that your blog needs consistency. Publishing regularly – once or twice a week – is going to boost your posts, encourage engagement and ensure that you appear in the search engine results pages. Your blog won’t have any history with search engines, so you’re about to establish that history!

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