How Does Each Day of Kashmir Great Lakes Trek Look Like

Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

Kashmir Great Lakes Trek is a trek through heaven passing through lush meadows, tall mountains, blooming wildlife, and pristine lakes. The trek passes through 6 lakes and 5 beautiful valleys. The lakes covered are the Vishansar Lake, Kishansar Lake, Gadsar Lake, Satsar Lake, Nandkol Lake, and Gangabal Lake.

The trek promises a new lake every day, with its clear-as-heaven water and broken-away ice chunks floating on the surface. It is said that the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek is the mother of all treks. If you are planning to embark on this expedition, let’s explore the itinerary to be thorough with the whole idea.


The trek is a 7-day and 65 km hike with a maximum altitude reaching 13,500 ft.

  1. Day 1 – Srinagar to Narang

– A 50 km drive for 2 hours

  1. Day 2 – Nichnai to Vishansar Lake via Nichnai Pass

– A 13.5 km trek for 7 hours

– Rated as moderate

– 1.5 hours of gradual ascent and then an hour-long climb to the Nichnai Pass followed by an hour of steep descent to Vishansar

  1. Day 3 – Vishansar Lake to Kishansar Lake and back and then to Gadsar Lake via Gadsar Pass

– To and from Kishansar in 2 hours

– A 16 km trek to Gadsar for 7-8 hours

– Rated as difficult

– 2 hours of steep ascent, then 1.5 hours of steep descent

  1. Day 4 – Gadsar Lake to Satsar Lake

– An 11.5 km trek for 4-5 hours

– Rated as moderate

– 2 hours of steep ascent, then a level walk

  1. Day 5 – Satsar Lake to Nundkol Lake

– An 8 km trek for 3-4 hours

– Rated as difficult

– Steep ascent and descent frequently

  1. Day 6 – Nundkol Lake to Gangabal Lake

– A 2.5 km trek for 2 hours

– Rated as moderate

– Gradual ascent

  1. Day 7 – Gangabal Lake to Narang

– A 13 km trek for 6-7 hours

– Rated as moderate

– Initial ascents and descents followed by steep descent toward Narang

The Difficulty Level of the Trek

The trek is a moderately difficult one, not very suitable for beginners. The ascents are steep and descents can be hard on the knees. The average distance traveled each day is around 10-11 km summing up to an average of 6-7 hour trek each day.

The trek is suitable for trekkers who have previous hiking experience or beginners who are physically fit and maintain a healthy routine.

Best Time to Visit

The season of the Kashmir Great Lake Trek starts in June and ends in late September. The area receives rainfall in the months of July and August.

Spring sets in the area in May and the area is decorated with beautiful flowers. So, the best time to visit is from mid-July to mid-August when the temperature is moderate and the snow has melted. Spring is still in its fullness and the shepherds are dotting the area.

The Great Lakes of Kashmir is the jewels that make Kashmir a true heaven. The picturesque beauty and calm waters make you want to revisit the memory every now and then and leave you with nostalgia every time you look at the city’s chaos.

If you are planning to visit Kashmir, the Kashmir Great Lakes trek should be a must in your itinerary. Or, if you are a couch surfer and want an easy trek that is equally beautiful, then you must choose Tarsar Marsar Trek – A beginner’s Trek in Kashmir.

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