Home remedies for how to stretch running shoes for wide feet

Stretch running shoes

The best feeling is to open the box of shoes that you just ordered online and you don’t realise they might not fit on your wide feet. The shape is perfect, the design is the one you love, the colour is going with your dress, but you are not sure if these shoes are going to stay long on your feet without causing any trouble. But now you are wondering how to stretch running shoes for wide feet.

No need of changing the shoes or thinking to buy a new pair because in this article you are going to learn how to stretch running shoes for wide feet and you know longer are going to suffer for a tight size

In this article we are going to give you plenty of ways to stretch your running shoes and you will no longer suffer from any kind of blisters or bunions, your shoes are going to be the right fit.

No matter the instep of the shoes is rubbing against the bridge or the toe box is squishing the big toe, shoes that do not fit right can ruin your day in many ways. The tight shoe comes with many issues like flat feet, inflammation, toe deformity, and instability.

Tips to stretch your running shoes

When you have wide feet and you love running and playing sports the only question you always ask to yourself is how to make your shoes wider and comfortable. Luckily there are many ways to stretch the shoes by heat or cold or by inserting something inside the shoe to create some mild pressure. The ways we are going to provide you here will effectively stretch the shoe and expand it to half a size.

Tip 1: wear the new pair of shoes around the house

We all know that sometimes it takes many days for a new pair of shoes to break. One of the most where your tie shoes around your home this is one of the best ways to stretch the running shoes that are slightly tight.

Tip 2: stretching the shoe using hair dryer

Here is how you can search your shoes by using a hair dryer at home.

  • Keep moving the dryer all around so that you do not damage the shoe from any one side.
  • Keep wiggling the toes physically and this Put on 2 pairs of thick socks or some suede or leather shoes.
  • Sometimes putting on two socks can also the stretch the shoes and sometimes one thick pair can be enough.
  • Start heating the shoe for maximum 30 seconds with the help of a blow dryer on a medium heat and then switch to other foot.
  • Will help in stretching the material.
  • For making the method effective you need at least 2 minutes for each shoe.
  • Once finished apply the shoe conditioner on the shoe and that will make the shoe shine.

Tip 3: using a shoe stretcher

The shoes stretchers are made up of plastic or wood that goes inside the shoes and helps the running shoes to become wide. The shoes treasure helps in adjusting the width and the length of the shoe.

The shoe stretcher also comes with devices that help in reducing the chance of bunions development. Put the shoes stretcher inside the shoe and turn the handle on this will expand the shoe and the shoe will move outwards.

You need to leave the stretcher inside the shoe for several hours and keep on rotating the handle every 8 to 12 hours.

Tip 4: stretching the shoe without shoe stretcher

If you do not have a shoes stretcher you can use a pair of socks instead. Role up a pair of socks and insert them inside your shoe. Leave the shoe for a night. You can stuff softly as many pair of socks as you want in the top box for more width. You can also use a damp newspaper and place it inside the shoe for the night.

Tip 5: using the freezing water

It is one of the best ways to expand the shoe as when the water freezes it expands and its stretches the running shoe. Take a zip lock bag, fill it half with the water and seal it tightly. Then place it inside another bag for additional protection.

Place each bag inside the shoe and try to adjust it in the toe area if necessary. Then put the shoes in the freezer on a baking sheet or a tray for a night.

As soon as you remove the bags let the sneakers warm up for some time and then you can try them on. But if the sneakers haven’t expanded enough you can redo the freezing process by adding some extra water inside the water bag.

Tip 6: using a potato for stretching the shoe

You will be very surprised to know that potato has a great capability of stretching the running shoe. The firm potato presses against the inside of the shoe and its moisture helps in losing the fabric.

  • Peel a large potato for each shoe.
  • Carefully carve the potato inside the shoe and adjusted it.
  • Before placing the potato inside the shoe dry it with a paper towel.
  • Leave the potato for a night to give a mild stretch to your running shoe.
  • This tip is also helpful in removing the stink and smell from the inside of the running shoe.

Tip 7: using oats for stretching the shoe

Not only the vegetables but the kitchen ingredients and grains that expand on contacting with the water can also be helpful in stretching the shoe. You can use oats and rice because they expand on adding water to them.

  • Take a plastic bag and fill it with the desired grain.
  • Add water to the grain.
  • Place the bag inside the shoe and adjust it accordingly.
  • Leave the bag for a night so the shoe gets enough time to expand.


Sometimes our favourite shoes are not wide enough for our feet. People with wide feet always think how to stretch the running shoes for their game. Above are the best tips that can help you in stretching the shoe by all yourself. These are the easiest methods and hopefully you can get lot of benefit from them. And all others kind of shoes remedies, trick and tips or reviews of best shoes “shoefitpro.com” is the great resource to explore your queries.

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