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home loan emi calculator

A house loan is a substantial loan. It frequently lasts more than two decades and keeps the borrower in debt until the main loan amount and interest are fully paid off. Because it is one of the largest loans ever taken, one must evaluate their finances and affordability before taking out a house loan.

You must be okay with the knowledge that a fixed percentage of your income will be dedicated to equivalent monthly installments or EMI payments for many years. To assist you understand the nature of your EMIs, you may use a free online tool known as the home loan EMI calculator.

In this article, we will tell you things related to the home loan EMI calculator. So, let’s begin!

What Is A Home Loan EMI?

Owning a home is a long-held ambition for many people. It used to take practically a lifetime for individuals to save enough money to purchase or build a house. However, given the ease with which credit is currently available, most individuals can purchase a home more quickly.

home loan emi calculator

Several banks, NBFCs, and other financial organizations in India provide home loans to those who want to purchase a home. Furthermore, EMIs, or equated monthly installments, can make loan repayment easier by dividing the amount to be returned into smaller amounts that can be paid every month during the payback period.

A house loan, on the other hand, is one of the most significant obligations for most borrowers, with terms ranging from 20 to 30 years. Even slight changes in interest rates can have a substantial influence on borrowers’ affordability, loan duration, and total interest payout.

It is so critical to locate the appropriate loan amount with an EMI that matches your budget and a term that corresponds to your life goal planning. You’ll have to experiment with several combinations to discover the best one. Manually doing this computation might be time-consuming. This is when an online EMI calculator home loan might come in handy.

What Is A Home Loan EMI Calculator?

home loan emi calculator

EMI calculator home loan is an online tool that can be used to determine the monthly EMIs for a specific loan amount. The home loan EMI calculator considers the loan amount, the interest rate imposed by the bank, and the payback period, and determines the amount of EMI the borrower must pay each month throughout the chosen repayment period.

The three essential components of the home loan EMI calculator are as follows:

  • The Principal amount field
  • The loan tenure (in months) field
  • The interest rate variable

The calculator assists the borrower in understanding the EMI payments over a certain duration at an interest rate defined by the loan amount and tenure. This tool is available for free on all lender websites.

To calculate a reasonable EMI, the borrower can enter an infinite number of permutations and combinations of tenures or interest rates. Simply keep adding alternative principle loan amounts (by modifying your down payment), interest rates, and tenures and keeping track of the EMIs payable depending on these values.

Home Loan EMI Calculator Formula

The formula for the home loan EMI calculator is given below:

EMI= Equated Monthly Instalment

P denotes the primary loan amount, which is the amount borrowed as a loan.
R denotes the interest rate (fixed or variable) charged on the home loan amount.
N denotes the repayment period or the number of monthly payments.

In the above EMI calculator formula:

Principal Loan Amount: The primary loan amount is the amount of money you want to borrow. If you want to buy a house costing 1 crore, you must include your down payment and just the borrowed money.

For example, if the house is worth a crore and you can afford a 25% down payment, the principal loan amount would be 75 lakhs. The interest rate will be applied to the 75 lakhs, and the EMI amount will be calculated based on the principal loan amount, interest rate, and duration.

Interest Rate: An interest rate must be paid on the loan amount sanctioned. Each lender has a different interest rate, and the minimum interest rate given by your selected lender may be seen on their website. When calculating the house loan EMI, you must take into account the lowest interest rate given by your selected lender and enter the values appropriately.

The majority of lenders provide house loans with interest rates of 8.50 percent or more. Furthermore, the borrower has the option of selecting a fixed or variable interest rate.

Tenure: You must also enter the loan duration in months. Because home loans are high-value loans, you can acquire them for terms ranging from 15-20 years. However, keep in mind that a loan with a long repayment period will have a high-interest rate.

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How Does Home Loan EMI Calculator Works?

home loan emi calculator

Depending on the sort of calculator accessible on the lender’s website (like SBI home loan EMI calculator), you may either enter the figures or use the slider given in the calculator to modify the values for the principal loan amount (P), duration (N), and interest rate (R).

The slider, which can be adjusted with the mouse from left to right, may be used to pick the loan amount, duration, and interest rates. You may continue to change and alter the values while the calculator computes immediate and accurate EMI amounts in a matter of seconds.

The home loan EMI calculator works the same as it works on the SBI home loan EMI calculator website.

Benefits Of Using A Home Loan EMI Calculator

There are many major benefits of using an EMI calculator for home loan. We have listed a few of them:

1. HDFC Home Loan EMI Calculator Provides Cost Breakdown

A home loan EMI calculator may assist you in understanding the different financial costs involved with your house loan, such as the total due interest, loan processing fees, stamp duty fees, and so on. Because these sums are generally large, lenders will show them as a percentage of the main loan amount you want to borrow.

emi calculator home loan

Knowing the loan’s real worth, less the fees associated with it might assist you to calculate the loan conditions using online tools like home loan EMI calculator HDFC.

2. Home Loan EMI Calculator SBI Saves You From Manual Calculations

EMI calculator for home loan SBI saves you the hassle of manual calculations. When calculating EMIs over 20 years, you are going to make mathematical mistakes. Any errors in manual computations might put you in a difficult position when approaching the lender.

emi calculator home loan

Worse, you must go over your calculations multiple times to ensure that you have accurately estimated the EMI amount. You can receive precise answers quickly, in a matter of seconds, using the SBI EMI calculator home loan. During hefty calculations, the EMI calculator SBI home loan works accurately, giving you results within a second.

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3. ICICI Home Loan EMI Calculator Can Compare Various Home Loan Rates

You may compare different home loan rates using the home loan EMI calculator ICICI. Each lender has a different loan interest rate. Even if the loan amount changes by 0.02 percent, it can lower the EMIs and the above-mentioned loan costs.

emi calculator home loan

The EMI calculator makes it simple to compare the various interest rates given by different lenders. LIC home loan EMI calculator is a little bit outdated but can help you with the same cause.

4. Plan Finances Using HDFC EMI Calculator Home Loan

You can plan your finances using the EMI calculator for home loan HDFC. Because the EMI calculator allows you to enter multiple interest rates and loan terms, you can obtain a basic sense of your monthly EMIs.

home loan emi calculator

As a result, you may plan your budget while keeping your EMI in mind. The calculator calculates the exact EMI amount you must set aside so that you may arrange your budget so that your other necessary monthly costs are not affected.

5. Manage Other Loans Using Axis Bank Home Loan EMI Calculator

You can manage your other debts using the home loan EMI calculator online. If you are one of them, you are aware that adding another debt to your already existing ones will have an impact on your finances.

home loan emi calculator

The house loan EMI calculator, on the other hand, allows you to include your other loans and lets you determine the tenure and interest rate after calculating the other due EMIs. You may also simply calculate the fees connected with foreclosure if you have the funds to pay off your house loan (or other loans) before the loan’s maturity date.

Things To Know While Availing A Home Loan EMI Calculator

The amount to be repaid on a house loan includes interest, which varies per bank. Lenders in India often charge interest rates beginning at 6.65 percent. While approving a house loan, lenders may impose a processing fee (which is not required but varies from bank to bank). Home loan EMIs are also tax-deductible under sections 80C, 24, and 80EEA of the Income Tax Act of 1961.

home loan emi calculator

If the borrower is eligible, tax benefits of up to Rs 1.5 lakhs per year on the principal amount under Section 80C, a deduction of up to Rs 2 lakhs on yearly interest payable under Section 24, and an additional deduction of up to Rs 1,50,000 on interest paid every year under Section 80EEA can be obtained.

House loans can also be used for home additions, renovations, and repairs. Some lenders provide pre-approved house loans based on the borrower’s income, CIBIL score, repayment ability, and other factors. A borrower is often qualified for a house loan that is 5 times his or her yearly salary.

Most banks provide a maximum loan amount of up to 90 percent of the property’s value. In general, lenders like to have a house loan paid off by the time the borrower reaches the age of 60. Some banks may additionally impose an EMI limit, which is typically 50% of a borrower’s monthly income and is subject to further adjustment if the borrower has other EMIs to pay.

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