Get to Know More About Clarke Quay

Clarke Quay is one of the most recommended tourist destinations to enjoy the nightlife in Singapore. It is undeniable that vacation times will not be separated from the time spent at night having fun. Maybe even for some tourists, night entertainment is the main goal of the vacation they do. This is legal and indeed Singapore also has Clarke Quay as a location that you can go to get the best choice for hanging out at night.

You can also make Clarke Quay a location to enjoy a staycation, the view and the location close to the river will add to the impression and spoil your eyes. Hotels in Clarke Quay are varied, and one of the best hotels you can book on Traveloka is M Social Singapore

The Best Attractions Near the Singapore River

Is the most visited place, the Singapore River is now a mandatory destination for those of you who will visit Singapore, this is a tour that you can visit on the Singapore river:

Clarke Quay – Enjoy Singapore’s Nightlife

Clarke Quay is a nightlife center in Singapore. The location is right in the city center, which is precisely on the banks of the Singapore River (Singapore River). Actually, the location of Clarke Quay is a very crowded location with cafes, bars, and of course clubs for those of you who enjoy the entertainment of the glittering world. You will not get bored visiting Clarke Quay because of the many choices of entertainment venues here. But there is something interesting about the various entertainment venues tonight. One thing that you certainly won’t find in other clubs in the club or bar at Clarke Quay, just like any other public place in Singapore, smoking is prohibited.

Being the center of the city, you don’t need to worry that there are many hotels in Clarke Quay such as M Social Singapore which provide adequate facilities so that when you return to the hotel, your rest will be more relaxing.

Located in the planning area of ​​the Singapore River, the jetty is quite popular with locals and tourists alike. The hotel has some of the most interesting favorite bars and restaurants. The area comes alive at sunset. Head here on your Singapore trip if you want to enjoy the nightlife. The restaurant here serves delicious and authentic Singaporean food among other cuisines. Visit a few spots on Clarke Quay.

Museum of Asian Civilizations

If that is a museum you enjoy visiting then the Asian Civilizations Museum is a great option along the Singapore River. This museum specializes in Pan Asian culture and civilization. It traces the history and ethnicity of the various groups that exist in Singapore and their roots. There is a Chinese gallery displaying calligraphy and decorative artwork. There is a South Asian Gallery as well which focuses more on that aspect. Head here and check it out for yourself.

Boat Tours

How about a romantic boat tour with your loved ones – you can take a river cruise at night to see the incredible laser light show on the bay or take a day trip to explore the city’s skyline and historic buildings right off the water. Sail with your love on the sparkling water! It will be breezy and romantic out there; You can spend some quality time together and take some cute pictures.

There are still many more activities and tourist attractions that you should visit when you are in Singapore, but the options above can be a reference if you don’t have a long vacation time.

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