Fun Places to Spend the Weekend in British Columbia

British Columbia

There’s nothing more thrilling than planning a trip to British Columbia!  From the incredible people and views to the delicious food, it’s all so great that many never want to go back home.  If you’re headed out west and aren’t sure where the winds are taking you: these are the best places to consider for your weekend vacation!

Why British Columbia?

If you’ve never been to British Columbia, you’re missing out!  This great province has everything from snowy slopes to beautiful endless beaches for walking and taking in the sunlight.  The summer is longer here than in most of Canada, and the winters are more mild depending on where you are in the province.

Although this is one of the most expensive provinces to visit and is home to the most expensive city in the country, it’s worth visiting if you want to make the most out of a weekend!


This is the most expensive city in Canada: and it can make for a costly vacation.  From mountain views to gorgeous open water, this city feels like it was dropped in the center of a painting and is flourishing there.

Many people who visit here are quick to start considering moving until they look at the price of Vancouver homes for sale.  Fun tourist-trap classics adorn the coastline, and gorgeous museums and art exhibits fill the city and ensure you’ll never run out of things to do and see!  


If you love winter sports or want a getaway from the craziness of city living, Whistler is the place to visit!  Not only is this gorgeous city a perfect gem tucked into the mountains, but it’s also a calming resort where you can either enjoy getting out your adrenaline on the slopes or sink into a hot bath in the natural spas

 Even in the off-season, Whistler is a lot of fun, as the slopes turn into gorgeous green hiking and biking trails, and there are countless fun activities to enjoy!


Victoria is an artists’ paradise!  This funky little coastal town feels like a bite was taken off of Seattle and drifted the three-hour ferry ride away.  Everything in this city is cute and unique, and the people have a fun and interesting view of life. 

Although it’s expensive to live here, visiting can be done cheaply since tons of free and inexpensive attractions fill the city every season.

Great Bear Rainforest

If nature and wildlife interest you the most: you’re going to love the Great Bear Rainforest.  These deep and luscious woods offer a view into the life of these large and majestic creatures, unlike anything you’ve ever seen.  You may even be lucky enough to see the rare and gorgeous spirit bear, an all-white bear that can only be seen in the Great Bear Rainforest and has been immortalized in the stories and myths of the area.

Regardless of where you visit, any weekend spent in British Columbia is a weekend well spent!  The fantastic attractions, gorgeous cities and parks, and incredible people make this the best province in the country.

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