Fractional Property Investment is the New Way to Go, and Here’s Why

Investing in real estate is one of the most reliable ways to earn money passively. Although residential real estate is seen as a more straightforward choice for investment, the real wealth lies in commercial real estate (CRE). Let MYRE Capital tell you why.

There is a rise in people’s interest in investing in commercial real estate, and India is slowly witnessing this change. But the option of CRE is often put aside due to its high ticket size. As a solution to this problem, platforms like ours offer fractional property investment that eases investors into having ownership over such assets.

What is Fractional Property Investment?

As attractive as investing in commercial real estate may seem, it comes at a hefty cost that may not be easy to cover by just a single investor. In such cases, multiple investors pool in to hold shares over one premium commercial property. This is fractional property investment, and it has become the latest trend in investing in premium commercial real estate assets.

If, say, a premium property is priced at 50CR, it would be then divided into shares or fractions that individual or institutional investors can own. Fractional property investment would mean that an investor can commit to an amount that is suitable for them; it could be 5 lakhs, 15 lakhs, 25 lakhs, or more. MYRE Capital offers end-to-end management solutions, which means that you invest at a reasonable cost, get higher returns, and get your property managed by us.

Fractional Property Investment – The Choice of Modern, New-Age Investors

Today’s population is educating themselves about various investment options and looking for smart ways to become investors. Traditionally, property investment meant residential real estate, but people wanted to branch out and take more risks. Commercial real estate is one of the most lucrative sources of passive income, and more and more people are following the route of becoming fractional investors in premium, A-grade CRE assets.

Commercial real estate has a high rental yield (8-10%), and having shares in such property would ensure a steady cash flow for longer periods of time. If you opt for fractional property investment, you would be committing with lower costs, but benefit from the property’s higher rental returns. Furthermore, the value of such premium, high-quality properties increases, and so you profit from capital appreciation each year.

Many new-age investors are looking towards fractional property investment as a way to diversify their investment portfolios. As an investor, you can commit to various CRE assets and other investment opportunities, thus creating a portfolio that stands out.

At MYRE Capital, We Make it Happen

Since fractional property investment is a fairly new trend in the market, potential investors search for trusted platforms that help understand and facilitate the investment process. At MYRE Capital, we have created an excellent online platform that makes this process easier for all potential clients.

We curate a list of premium CRE assets that have been selected through strict research conducted by experts. We want to democratize ownership and ensure that our investors can make the most out of the opportunities. All our properties are A-grade and thus, an added bonus for your investment portfolio.

Fractional property ownership is the next big thing in the investment market, and at MYRE Capital, we make it possible for you to be part of A-grade premium properties at a fraction of the price.

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