Five Amazing Facts of Larimar

If you are a fan of gemstone jewelry or the one who loves to read and know about the rarest gemstones of the world, you must surely be aware of the lovely Larimar gem! It is an extremely rare gemstone. The sheer mention of these gemstones forces our mind to visualize an image of a gemstone that has an astonishingly lovely blue color and very unique relaxing appearance. Apart from the natural beauty and attractive color, this gem is loved and respected for many of its amazing abilities too. Stimulating the various body chakras (energy points), instilling peace into your mind and heart and acting as a wonderful healing stone, Larimar is popular all over the world. 

The Charm of Larimar Jewelry

One can own this lovely gem in the form of  Larimar silver jewelry that comes in various forms like bracelets, pendants, earrings and more. You can also search for the Larimar gems in the wholesale gemstone jewelry range. Especially, the handmade silver gemstone jewelry at any authentic destination will especially help you buy some Larimar jewelry. Now that we are discussing this amazing gift of nature called Larimar, it is important to mention some of the very interesting and amazing facts associated with it. Let’s scroll down and read about the top 5 interesting facts of Larimar silver jewelry. 

5 Exciting Facts of Larimar 

  1. The wholesale Larimar gemstone symbolizes the ocean. It is often said that the stone possesses the beautiful relaxing color of ocean water. It is also popularly known as the ocean stone. But the interesting point is that Larimar is not an ocean stone. It is a volcanic stone which got formed deep inside the earth due to some volcanic action.
  2. Did you know Larimar is made up of a mineral called pectolite? Though pectolite is found all over the earth, the Larimar gem in particular is found at only one place on the planet and that is, the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean region. Yes! We say it again that this lovely blue beauty comes from only one place and till now, only one mine of the gemstone has been discovered. (We are sure, now, you must have fully understood how rare this gem is!)
  3. Larimar is a name given by Miguel Mendez, the early Caribbean artisan who named the gemstone after her daughter Larissa and the Spanish word ‘Mar’ meaning sea. The stone is also known by several other names like ‘The Stone of Atlantis’, The Dolphin Stone’ or ‘The Stone of the Caribbean’. Larimar was first found at the shores of the Caribbean Sea. It is also important to mention that it took almost 20 years for the stone to get official recognition.
  4. The presence of copper in the stone is responsible for the blue color of this gemstone. You can also see the lovely white patterns in the stone. It is important to remember that elegant Larimar loose gemstones  with very dull color have least value while those with bright volcanic blue shades are the ones that carry maximum value.
  5. This gem is not only loved for its rarity factor and exceptional beauty; rather, it is also valued for its numerous qualities and powers. It is strongly believed that wearing or using this gem helps you enlighten your inner conscience. Also, the stone helps to heal any sort of wounds including the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual ones. Those who lose their temper easily and find it impossible to control their tantrums can use the wonderful collection of handmade silver jewelry like Larimar as it brings clarity in thoughts and helps in keeping one’s mind relaxed. 

Own the captivating Larimar and get ready to enjoy the immense benefits associated with it!

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