Finding the Right Target Audiences for Your Product or Service

How well do you know your target audience?

So many small businesses fail because they don’t know their target audience. Your target audience comprises consumers who’re or could be interested in your products and services.

When you have a clear picture of your target audience, it’s easier to run effective marketing campaigns. You can customize your marketing messages to suit their preferences and run ads in their locations.

If you don’t quite know who your target audience is, you might be wondering how to go about it. You’ve come to the right place for help.

In this article, we’re sharing a helpful guide on how to identify and find your target audience.

Find Clues in Your Product or Service

An effective way to identify your target market is to look at your product or service.

If you’ve been in business for a while and have some sales, look at your customer data. Who is mostly buying your product?

If you’re offering a product that’s has a wide consumer base (can be used by the young, middle-aged, and elderly), it can be difficult to zero in your target audience is. However, if one group of customers makes up the vast majority of your customers, you can conclude that they’re your real target audience.

In other cases, it’s easy to know your target audience after assessing the nature of your product. For example, if your business sells kids’ toys, you don’t have to be an analyst to establish that your target audience largely comprises people who have kids.

Competitors Can Point You to Your Target Audience

How do you find your target audience when you have a product that hasn’t been launched yet?

Chances are you’re creating a variation of a product that’s already in the market. Keeping an eye on the competing products can lead you right to your target audience.

You just need to know who’s buying the competing product. What’s the average age? Are they mostly male or female?

If it’s clear that the consumers who’re buying the competing product belong to a certain demographic, it’s likely that those are the same people who’ll be interested in your product once it hits the shelves.

Market Research

This is a tried-and-true method to find your ideal customers.

The only problem is most entrepreneurs don’t have the skills to perform conclusive market research. There’s a solution to this, though. Hire a market research firm and let it do the hard work.  

Market researchers deploy a number of methodologies, including surveys and product testing, to gather consumer feedback and build a customer profile.

Digital Analytics

With the digital transformation of businesses, it’s now easier than ever for companies to find and reach target audiences.

If your business has a website, for example, you can use it to collect a vast amount of customer data. There are analytics tools that will break down the data and tell you who your ideal customer is.

You can also use these insights to design a content marketing strategy for your website. Click here to learn more about content creation for businesses.

Find Your Target Audience the Easy Way!

Running a business when you don’t know your target audience is akin to driving a car in the night without headlamps. You’ll crash!

Fortunately, finding your target audience isn’t complicated. Just use any of the methods fleshed out above.

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