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Virgin Human Hair Topper

Hair loss occurs due to chemicals, pollution, acid rain, or even health problems. So, the beauty industry has engineered a hair topper as the ultimate solution to help people with hair loss. What is a hair topper, by the way? A hair topper is a smaller version of wigs used to conceal certain portions of the scalp. It is a natural and easy way to disguise bald spots. It increases volume to fine hair and restores hair that has fallen out on balding areas of the scalp. This is just a summary of a hair toppers. There are many other essential things we should know about hair toppers. Okay, let’s dive into the critical things that everyone should know about hair toppers.

Pros of Hair Toppers

Hair toppers will benefit you and your hair

The hair topper may be able to hide bald patches or thinning areas if you’re on chemotherapy, have alopecia, bald spots, or other hair disorders that cause baldness. The topper may also enhance the fullness or volume of your natural hair. Here are the pros of hair toppers in detail.

1.   Accurate Coverage – Breathable and Lightweight

A topper is an accessory that covers a portion of your head, primarily the top. As a result, the topper usually is made of lightweight, breathable material. A wig, on the other hand, may cover your entire head. The wig is quite uncomfortable in the summer because it can make you feel hot and sweaty. But toppers are tiny, and they allow adequate ventilation for your scalp and natural hair.

2.   Natural Appearance

A human hair topper has a realistic-looking scalp to hide the fact that you’re wearing a hairpiece on top of your head. Hair toppers increase volume by blending in with your natural hair. As a result, the human hair topper achieves a natural look. Wigs, on the other hand, can give a lot of volume, giving an unsettling appearance.

3.   Protects Against Damage

The topper’s base shields your scalp from harmful external agents like pollution, UV radiation, and toxins. It acts as a protective shield against toxic chemicals, preventing further damage. Because a hair topper is the top layer of hair, it is the most exposed and groomed area of your hair, while the natural hair beneath it is protected from harm.

4.   Swift and Easy Application

Most people find wearing a wig challenging since it necessitates creating a natural-looking hair part and hairline. However, with clips and tapes, applying a hair topper takes a few minutes. Within 5 to 10 minutes, you may use a hair topper to conceal bald spots with ease. After a few tries, you can apply a hair topper effortlessly. So, applying hair toppers may not require any aid from a professional stylist.

Things You Should Consider When You Choose a Hair Topper

Today’s market has a plethora of hair toppers for women to choose from. Although the variety of textures and attractive hues may tempt you, we recommend selecting a topper that complements your skin tone and hair type. Before you choose a topper, it’s a good idea to consider the following things:

1.   Analyze the Status of Hair Loss

It is vital to know the stage of hair loss before you purchase a hair topper. First, determine the stage of your hair loss before concluding to make any purchase. Hair loss has three main phases: the initial, progressive, and advanced stages.

Hair loss is usually mild in the early stages, and a small base hair topper would be enough to cover up the bald spots. You may require a medium base topper in a progressive stage because the scalp becomes exposed due to hair loss in this stage. In the advanced stage, extreme hair loss or thinning increases the visibility of the bald spots on your scalp. If you’ve reached this point, you’ll need a topper with a large base size to conceal the bald spots. If the hair loss is too extreme, you might use a wig instead of a hair topper to allow total coverage.

Pro Tip: How to Measure the Area of Hair Loss?

Measure the area of hair loss to get the right topper size

It’s critical to understand the extent of your hair thinning and loss. Measuring is the only way to get the correct readings of bald spots. Measure your hair loss area from front to back and side to side with a measuring tape. Make sure to add one inch to each measurement, and you’ll have the base size you require.

Measuring the area of hair loss will help you get the perfect base size for your hair loss. Watch step-by-step video tutorials to measure hair loss. Otherwise, consult your stylist to get the correct measurement if you are not confident to do it by yourself.

2.   Choose the Best Base Type

There are many types of hair toppers depending on the base, but here we will mention the best base type available on the market.

Silk Toppers with Swiss Lace

Swiss Lace Base (Silk Toppers) – The most natural-looking hair toppers for ladies are silk toppers for hair thinning. With their impeccable finish, they create the illusion of a faultless hairline. Hair strands are knotted onto the Swiss lace to ensure that the hair topper looks precisely like the actual scalp. This topper comes with five clips for easy and secure hold. It also comes with a free parting to allow you to achieve simple hairstyles.

3.   Hair Type, Length, and Color

Choose the best hair topper with perfect length and color

Hair Type – You can choose either one from synthetic or human hair toppers. You can get various colors and styles with synthetic hair toppers, but if you want to manage and style yourself, human hair toppers are perfect.

Length – Your preferred New Hair Style determine the length of the topper you need. If you prefer shorter haircuts, you should use a shorter topper. Meanwhile, if you like long hairstyles, choose a topper that comes with longer strands. However, if you get a topper with long strands, it gives you the flexibility to change your look. You can start with long hairstyles and then switch to shorter simple hairstyles.

Color – The topper should match the color of your hair as closely as possible. However, you may not be able to get the perfect shade in some cases. You will achieve a seamless blend by coloring your natural hair the same color as the topper in these situations.

How to Apply a Hair Topper?

Follow the correct steps to apply a hair topper.

Applying a hair topper is comparatively easier than installing wigs. With a few steps, you can install hair toppers in under a few minutes. Here are the steps to apply a hair topper.

  1. First, open the clips underneath the topper and then position the front edge of the topper a few inches away from your hairline.
  2. After that, place it directly above the area of hair loss and secure the front clip.
  3. Apply pressure to the topper’s top and secure the back clips.
  4. Finally, style the hair topper to match your hair.

How to Style a Hair Topper?

You will have to work with your hair topper to fit your natural hair when you take it out of the package. When you receive your new topper, place it on a mannequin head, and determine if you need to color the roots. Your roots and hair topper roots must have the same color because this is what will genuinely make it unnoticeable with your hair.

When a human hair topper is left in the same position for an extended period, it can appear flat. So, you will have to style it to achieve a desirable natural look. You don’t have to worry about styling if you have synthetic toppers because they come pre-styled. If you are using a human hair topper, you may use products and hot tools to sport some amazing hairstyles.


If you are just a few days away from ordering your hair topper, use this blog to understand how it works. Know what a hair topper can do to your hair game and choose the right one. We have listed its benefits, how to apply and style it. When you get the right one, again, use this simple guide to achieve the polished finish!

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