Everything You Need to Know About Mediacom Xtream

Everything You Need

Mediacom Xtream internet is the true gigabit speed connection that assures 99.9% reliability. So, no matter what, you will remain connected to the Mediacom Xtream – enjoying the high-speed connection and consistent experience. It is so because its whole network of internet, cable TV,  internet, and phone is are powered by the fiber optics network. 

Mediacom internet offers multiple plans and packages and brings speeds from 100 Mbps for maximum affordability up to 1 Gig for top speeds. Moreover, it also provides a huge list of TV channels with great features and competitive rates. 

Setting Up Mediacom ID

Before starting to enjoy the rich services offered by Mediacom, you have to create and set up your Mediacom account. After that, it unlocks many features such as Support, mobile app, and TV app. You will receive confirmation in your email at the time of subscription, and it will guide you through setting up the Mediacom ID process.

Still, if you have any confusion, here’s how you can set up your Mediacom ID:

  • First, go to the Mediacom registration page. 
  • Enter your Billing Account Number and press Continue.
  • Next, select which email you want to link your account with. 
  • Finally, follow the instructions and complete the process to set up your Mediacom ID.

To create an additional ID, follow these steps:

  • Login to the Account Management Section from the Support Site or Mobile app.
  • Select and Press Add Additional ID
  • Fill out the required fields and hit Submit to create a new Mediacom ID.

Note that you can create up to 11 Mediacom IDs with each subscription. All the IDs are manageable via the primary account or admin.

Xtream TV

Enjoy hundreds of channels and thousands of shows and movies with the Xtream TV from Mediacom. Start, play, pause, and stop at your schedule with your ease. Moreover, watch new titles as they are uploaded, and also shows from local broadcasters. 

You can access on-demand TV by pressing the dedicated button on the remote. Furthermore, you can choose what you want to order and follow the on-screen guidelines with the remote to order your program. You can also use your remote to play, fast forward, pause, rewind, and stop programs. To go back to something you have previously watched or the show you were watching the last time, simply go to Recently Viewed and select which show you want to continue watching.    

Full TV. Everywhere

The full TV everywhere from Mediacom provides access to complete shows, movies, and series. It is a one-in-all-streaming device that gives access to different services, supported on mobiles, desktops, or laptop PC. Afterward, go to Mediacom Watch Mediacom Watch and choose from a vast list of watchable content.

TiVo Buddy

The TiVo TV box is a perfect entertainment box for your living room. It gives you more enhanced programming control and more. The TiVo DVR, with its multiple tuners and 150 hours of recordings storage, it becomes one of the best boxes. Moreover, with the super amazing remote control, you have a complete package with advanced features and a brand-new TiVo Experience.  

Xtream Internet

The blazing-fast internet speed from Mediacom Xtream offers great range and reliability. Moreover, you can also multi-stream with ease while everyone else in the house is using the internet. It also gives in-home Wi-Fi capabilities with the high-speed Wi-Fi for the whole home. 

Furthermore, Xtream internet has several Wi-Fi hotspots located in the city that helps you stay connected even on the move.  

Wi-Fi360 – Connectivity All- Around

The Xtream Wi-Fi 360 Pro is a device that features mesh technology and optimizes the complete home Wi-Fi layout, linked devices, and the whole network. It is built with the latest standards, and supports 1 Gig speeds capable of covering 1500 square feet, and can be connected with 75+ devices – giving you the uninterrupted connectivity you deserve. 

Xtream Phone

The Xtream world talk phone is one of the best in the market, with affordable packages and great connectivity. Some of the best features of the Xtream phone are as follows:

  • Rejecting calls from anonymous, private, or restricted numbers.
  • Forward calls from Xtream phone to another phone number. 
  • Displays name, number, and ID of the caller on screen.
  • Displays name, number, and ID of call on waiting on screen.
  • Prevents your caller ID from showing on the phone of the person you are calling.
  • Sends a notification tone when another caller is waiting.
  • Easiness of calling the police or blocking incoming calls. 
  • Allows conference calls with two persons.
  • Forwards calls from particular numbers.
  • Auto reject calls from selective numbers.
  • Set up numbers for speed dial.
  • Set up voice mail. 
  • Xtream Home 

Xtream Home

Xtream home provides smart devices and systems to make your home come to life. It helps keep yourself, and the family safe with great benefits. The Xtream Home is easy to learn and great to use. 

Digital Facilities

Smart automation for the whole home to be efficient with auto-locking and toggling switches. 

Smart security for 24/7 surveillance and monitoring system.

Manage everything from the Android or iOS application. 

Xtream Support

From buying to getting a life, if you face any problem during the whole process, Xtream support is there to help you. Mediacom offers different subscriptions for support services, including 24/7 tech support for general guidance and troubleshooting; another package is support and protection, which gives you an unlimited chance for repairs and replacements. 

Furthermore, Mediacom also has one of the top-class customer support, with a dedicated website and text messaging services. In addition, it offers service on the user’s schedule and an online shop for everyone’s ease.  

Final Thoughts

Mediacom is a top-level internet services provider in the US. It offers its services in nearly every country, even the states like Iowa, where it’s a posh lifestyle and culture. Still, it’s the Xtream internet providers in Des Moines

So, here it is, complete beginners, a guide about Mediacom Xtream internet with great speeds and reliability in the US.





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