Everything You Need To Know About Attestation Of Documents

Attestation Of Documents

All kinds of documents need some proofing. It is needed in various places in differentiated manners. Issuing a paper is considered easy; any prudent person can do it. Some people necessarily require credibility, for instance, currency notes. 

Document attestation can be defined as the authentication of various documents considered mandatory for various uses. The attestation of documents in india can be of different types. During certain times, it requires self-attestation for local use, while during other times, it is considered to be attested by a higher authority such as the central government. Such document attestation helps provide immunity to the document for being accepted abroad or in various parts of the nation. Certificate attestation could be used locally or for a national or international cause.

What is Attestation? 

Attestation is the process of demonstrating proof of something. It is more of a legal term dealing with a lawful character of particular evidence, a certificate, a document, or a statement. It is provided in the form of signatures and stamps when a person successfully believes in the authenticity of a particular entity. 

Attestation of particular paperwork or document helps a demandant gain cognizance of the original document’s credibility that can now be trusted. It is a legal formality to legitimize a particular document or material. 

Attestation of documents is a process of legalizing documents to make them admissible to a respective authority demanding them. People do it for three different types of documents: 

  • Personal 
  • Commercial 
  • Educational 

All of these documents are characterized based on the information that they possess. At times, the authentication of certain documents is done by multiple authorities to prove their genuine nature.  

How to get documents attested in India? 

Attestation of documents in India is an indirect process and should be practiced after understanding all the required details. For genuine attestation services in India, it is a convenient option to approach a certificate attestation agent so that the legalization of a document takes place without any hassle in no time. 

Why is it important to get documents attested? 

An attestation document or certificate is needed for many reasons that could be either extrinsic or intrinsic to the nation. It could be needed for judicial purposes such as submitting important evidence or for non-judicial purposes, such as performing business overseas, opening up a bank account, or obtaining a visa. 

There exist all sorts of visas, for instance, residential visas, employment visas, student visas, and others, that are needed to legalize different types of documents. In the case of a commercial document, it is required to bring in the business from the foreign or carry out the business abroad. 


A simple piece of paper holds such a high value because of what is printed. Any paper earns a degree of genuineness with a signature and a stamp present on it. Genuine attestation of documents is considered an important concept to demonstrate evidence or proof of something significant.  

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