Emergency Network with Mobile Network testing & RF Drive Test Tools

Emergency Network

An emergency communications network is designed in such a way to play a pivotal role in offering reliable communications during an emergency (natural or man-made). Communication networks are the ultimate mediums for communicating effectively with the public about specific threats such as public health and emergency management – aid in mitigating the risks, minimizing the negative mental health impacts of disasters, and supporting the implementation of defensive actions. So now let us look into How RantCell crowd sourcing solution along with Smart Mobile Network Monitoring Tools, Mobile Network Drive Test Tools, Mobile Network Testing Tools and Smart RF drive test tools & equipment, RF tester software app & network LTE 4g tester can be beneficial for Emergency Network?

During any emergency like wildfires, medical disasters, and terrorist attacks, people need emergency responders to arrive immediately to those dealing with the crisis. So, to provide the best feasible solutions to the affected people, first responders such as police, medics, firefighters, and allied professionals need lots of information. For this reason, network connectivity should be faster, secured, and reliable so those first responders can gather and share all the necessary information in a pretty simple way. And choosing the improved and high-speed 4G/5G wireless network is an excellent approach to expanding the coverage, which will help provide solutions for emergency services.

Some important use cases will provide benefits to the first responders if using mobile networks rather than traditional Emergency Push to Talk Wireless networks: –

  • With the facilities of strong network connectivity with high bandwidth, Police forces will be able to handle emergencies immediately by reaching that place and contacting the police control room for assistance if they need it. For instance, body cameras of police on the 5G network are one of the video streaming solutions that will facilitate those police co-workers available in the control room to help those police personnel who are dealing with the emergency and by providing more police force to manage the uncontrolled situation. 
  • High-speed emergency network communication with 4G/5G coverage will benefit the firefighting department to help manage rescue operations where any kind of fire disaster occurs. As mobile network communications get congested in such emergencies because at a time many families or relatives contact the affected people, so prioritized traffic is highly needed for the first responders such as fire rescue team. For instance, drone-based cameras connected with the 5G network would be used to dowse the fire effectively within less time, especially if the affected place is a multistorey building. 
  • Robust network connectivity is a must-have factor for ambulance emergencies. It is highly needed to have real-time communication between an ambulance driver and ER team. The connectivity of good network 4G/5G coverage will help both ambulance staff (can share relevant information about the patient with the doctors) and doctors waiting in the emergency room (can prepare themselves for lifesaving medical procedures).

Benefits of RantCell crowd sourcing for network monitoring and coverage

  • On the emergency network, when it comes to better coverage and monitoring of user experience KPIs, RantCell crowd sourcing solution comes into the picture. RantCell crowd sourcing mobile-based app can be deployed on measuring devices of first responders such as police, fire rescue department, ambulance, etc., to help them collect substantial information associated with the QoE on the emergency network, which consists of signal level, or data bandwidth, and latency about location. 
  • RantCell crowd sourcing solution is useful to let the network owners in detecting no coverage spots so that they will be able to improve the network coverage with the help of this tool. In addition, it is also beneficial in providing information about mobile network coverage in advance (whether it is reliable or poor, or non-existent) before reaching into the emergency spots in urban and rural areas. This solution will facilitate the first responders to plan the communication back to the control room as the voice will be accessible at the emergency spot in case video streaming is not that possible. 


Crowd sourcing solution for network monitoring and testing is more cost-effective than using the traditional tools to carry out the tests by investing in skilled manpower in the form of a drive test by an RF engineer – effective for first responders who are constantly on the move 24/7 during emergencies. Moreover, crowd source solutions with RantCell can be beneficial for several other use cases complaint handling by network users, proactive approach to improving the network, identifying areas in terms of urban or rural having worst experience, etc.

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