Importance of Educational Apps in Today’s Learning System


Nowadays, educational apps are very useful in online learning. By developing interests in subjects through interactive lectures, video-audio aids on the concepts give the freedom of learning at a suitable time frame. Teachers around the globe are just a click away only because of easy-to-use teaching apps available online for the betterment of both teachers and students. 

Amidst the ongoing crisis of Covid-19, every educational institute has shifted to online learning and entered a new era of digitization through mobile teacher apps. Smartphones have turned into virtual classrooms for each age group in these hard times. There are many online learning apps that give the best learning experience by interesting video lectures, PDFs, and many more. 

These online apps have an array of courses available to the expertise of online teaching experts. They are user-friendly and bug-free to ensure an uninterrupted learning experience. These online learning apps also provide access to indispensable learning materials like e-books, PDFs, videos, and also other useful pieces of information to download it for later in smartphones or desktop. 

Why everyone is talking about online learning apps? 

The 21st century is the century of mobile apps and when it comes to online education, education applications are the best way to learn online. With schools and universities shut for an indefinite period of time, the school administrations have suffered losses financially. But, children are the most who suffered in the academics at the hands of this dreadful pandemic. No classrooms, no teachers, no friends, and with the strict orders of not stepping out of the homes, children have found themselves in the digital world with the help of online learning apps. 

In India, April was the month when every school began their academic session through online mode. Though online learning is not something new in India, it definitely changed the perception of people towards online learning. Everyone was curious, how will schools and universities teach everything online, but mobile applications stand out in these hard times. The importance of online learning apps has been increased by this pandemic. Online learning was not a new term, but online schooling was a new thing in India. But, technology really helped in making online schooling real, and the most important part was played by online educational apps.

The lockdown phase witnessed the establishment of many online learning apps and the existing ones also came into the limelight by reaching out to millions of users. The graph of online learning went higher and higher in India which also benefitted the whole edtech industry. Shifting from classrooms to e-learning, students enjoyed learning in a new way digitally. Families where both parents are working really praised the online learning applications for their user-friendly, hassle-free, and pocket-friendly nature. Digital Solutions have changed the face of traditional education. 

Some tips to choose a suitable online learning app 

In today’s competitive world, each app promises to be the best which makes it difficult to decide which one is best in the true sense. Many learning apps offer lucrative offers to grab attention and attract subscribers. Here are some of the tips to keep in mind while selecting an online learning application: 

  • Know your Objective: It is very important to know the purpose of downloading any learning application. Whether you want it for regular online schooling or you want your child to remain engaged in studies rather than spending time on video games. 

Also, if you looking for an expert online to make your child’s concept clear then there are different apps. So, it is important to know your purpose first before going into any online education application. 

  • Manage your finances: After you know your purpose, have a glance at your wallet. While some learning applications are free to use, a larger number of them are paid too. The charges of educational apps in India are not that much high and it will be less expensive than the traditional method of learning. You can decide according to your finances whichever you can afford, there are many free apps that are good too. 
  • The popularity of the app: This is the most basic thing that everyone pays attention to. The more popular the app is, the more will be the knowledge seekers. But, it’s my personal suggestion to not fall into the trap of popularity, take the trial classes, and then decide according to your experience. If a concept is taught in an easy, joyful, and interesting manner, it is sure to be retained for a long period of time. Find applications that give the same experience. 
  • User-friendly interface: Most of the students often find trouble logging in to the online classes which affect their online lecture. Choose a platform that is not only content-rich but also easy and smooth while using. A user-friendly interface is a must for any online education application to keep the users engaged.

Education has seen a lot of changes but the digitization of education is the best among them all. Education apps have been developed to teach students in a more precise way and to encourage students of all ages to learn on the same platform. You can make the most of your online classes by selecting the right education application according to you. And the, you will be ready to gain knowledge from on anything from anywhere in the world.

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