Why Do We Need To Dummy To Draw?

dummy to draw

If you are seriously engaged in painting, especially fond of describing people, your feature’s the important feature set to be a dummy to draw. It is a small wooden figurine, which preserves all the dimensions of the human body. Moreover, this “doll” perfectly simulates the plastic people, all the movements and gestures. So if you can not understand the dimensions of the human body, especially his gestures, immediately acquires a dummy to draw. To further improve skills will be much easier.


The largest of the “human miniatures” are constructed of timber. Every detail is precisely machined for a specific part of the human body, and they are bonded to each other in places where joints bend. As a result, the dummy drawing can be installed in any position. So you can convey exactly this or that action, create a drawing basis and later draw details, so to speak, to study painting in detail.


In most cases, models are used to create an accurate and proportional sketch. Mannequin drawing has no face in all its parts, and any of these features do not have clothes, accessories, or any other add-ons. It is also worth noting that the figures “asexual,” that is to play the role of female bust with their help, does not succeed. If you need precision to convey a movement in the girl’s body, in such cases, there are mannequins with girls drawing ideas. Their structure is more complex than ordinary wooden models, but they are also devoid of facial features and other additions. “Dolly” strictly follows the silhouette of only one woman, mimicking her movements and posture can.


Such an art toy is also useful in that it is a great alternative to living nature. The person who poses for an artist or a whole group of artists, in any case, will move. His arm or leg may be slightly displaced, violating the measurements applied to the paper before, the head several times during the whole session will change their positions. Settled in the desired position for you dummy easily, and this can do at any time. One thing to remember – the distance should minimize. Otherwise, your images are too small.

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Sometimes it happens that the dummy person for painting does not always hold the desired position. Perhaps the bad ones are fixed brackets held together by his joints, or just a toy is not intended for making the right position for you. To fix the dolls, using ordinary rubber bands for money. Try to remove them visually, do not pay attention during the redraw. And with their help, you will achieve greater diversity and expand your artistic experience in the image of the human figure.

Given that the dummies for images of people are made of wood, they can be painted to your liking or any other acrylic paints and dressing and decorating accessories.

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