Best Exercises for Cardiac Rehabilitation

Cardiac Rehabilitation

As part of their rehabilitation to help them recover their cardiovascular health, patients with heart illness, who have had a heart attack, or who have had heart surgery frequently participate in a cardiac rehabilitation program. 

An essential part of the treatment of cardiovascular disease that usually starts in the hospital and continues after release is cardiac rehabilitation. A care facility where they can receive the care they require while concentrating on their recovery, rehabilitation, and regaining their independence is where many patients who are not yet ready to come back home are admitted. 

Any cardiac rehabilitation regimen should include exercise. A combination of aerobic, strength and stretching activities should be included in every patient’s therapy regimen. Below is a list that provides an overview of the different types of exercises that cardiac therapists may recommend, but keep in mind that each patient is unique. 

You should get medical consultation before starting any fitness program if you or someone you know has a heart problem.

Top Cardiac Rehab Exercises with aerobics.

Cardiovascular exercise improves heart performance, this means the heart doesn’t have to try extra hard to function effectively and efficiently. The patient’s degree of fitness and overall health will determine the rate and length of each exercise program. Cardiovascular rehabilitation may include aerobic exercises such as:

  • Walking is an excellent workout for cardiac rehab patients who want to lose weight and reduce their risk of another heart attack. It burns more calories than swimming or cycling. Outside or on a treadmill, walking can be performed.
  • Stair climbing can be done wherever there is a stairwell! Among the many advantages of stair climbing for cardiac patients is that it can conveniently be included in their daily routines, such as when buying groceries or house cleaning. 
  • Cycling would be another low-impact activity that can benefit your heart. Cycling can be done indoors or outdoors, and choices include stationary bicycles, reclining bicycles, and three-wheel cycles. 
  • Swimming can improve your heart’s blood supply, and improve your heart’s efficiency. It can help you boost your functional ability as well. Also, it’s gentle on the joints and aids in the management of anxiety and muscle strain. 

Cardiovascular rehabilitation stretching exercises

Another crucial aspect of living an active, heart-healthy lifestyle is flexibility. A cardiac rehabilitation program might include one or more of the following, stretching exercises that can assist in preventing injuries as well:

  • Hamstring stretch – Grasp your hips with both hands. With one foot, take a slight step forward, bending the rear leg but keeping straight the front leg. Feel the stretch in the front leg’s hamstring by bending forward at the hips. Hold for a minimum of 10-15 seconds. Change your legs.
  • Calf stretch – Directly stand in front of a chair or a wall. With one foot, take a step back, bending the front leg and leaving the back leg straight. To feel the calf stretch, press the rear heel onto the floor. Hold for a minimum of 10-15 seconds. Change your legs. 
  • Chest stretch – Keep your arms straight and your fingers locked behind you. Slowly elevate your hands by pressing your shoulder blades together. For 10-15 seconds, hold the position.
  • Upper back stretch – Stretch your arms straight out in front of you, fingers locked together. Look at the floor by lowering your head. For 10-15 seconds, hold the position.

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