Canvas Vs. Framed Prints: What To Choose?

One of the most widely asked questions is what to choose between framed and canvas prints when it comes to wall decor. If you, too, are being plagued by this question, then you have stumbled upon the right article! While the final choice rests entirely on your sense of style and aesthetic, many factors influence this decision like price, quality, type of prints you seek, framed and canvas photo prints large or small, and much more!

So hop on as we discuss canvas and framed prints in detail to help you choose something suitable for your home! Let’s get started!
What Are Canvas Prints?
Canvas prints refer to images printed on a canvas board with the help of an inkjet printer. Some individuals like framed canvas prints, while others prefer a frameless border, and many utilize the gallery-wrapping process to make such unframed canvas prints. Canvas prints are extremely durable and, if taken care of properly, can last for years! You can even have them laminated to ensure they stay for at least 15-20 years!

The best part about canvas prints? You can even get them customized! Just search on the Internet for canvas photo prints near me, and you will get access to several online and offline stores ready to customize a beautiful canvas print for you!

One thing to note about customized canvas prints is that they look great in any setting. Canvas prints are an excellent way to show off your photographs, as canvas prints immediately become the focal point of any room. These provide excellent display options without sacrificing essential characteristics such as shadow depth, richness, texture, and detail.

Now that we have a better idea about canvas prints let us understand what framed prints are.
What Are Framed Prints?
The most traditional method of displaying a photograph is with framed prints. It has a particular aesthetic aspect that appeals to those who like the timeless and classic decor. Framed prints are mainly images printed onto good quality lustre paper with the help of an inkjet printer and then framed with any frame of your choice. When printing your images, you can choose between glossy or matte paper, both of which will give your image a professional look.

The best part about framed prints? You get to choose from so many frame options! With a well-known printing company, you will be spoilt for choice – white, rose gold, black, brown, you can choose any color and design you want! Be it a simple frame or an intricate one; your print is sure to grab attention wherever it is kept!
Advantages Of Canvas Prints
One primary reason why people choose canvas prints is that there is no issue of reflection or glare. Framed prints always have a little sheen no matter what the paper texture, and that can catch a lot of reflection and glare if kept in a room with a lot of sunlight.

Canvas prints are so much cheaper than framed ones! You can get as many canvas prints as you wish, no matter the size, and weight and they would still be more affordable than one framed print.

Canvas prints can also be unframed – so you never really have to worry about whether the canvas print will suit your room. Just make sure the colors on the print do not clash with your room color, and you are good to go!

The plethora of options available for canvas prints make it an attractive choice. So be it regarding shapes and sizes; there is so much to choose from! If you feel like experimenting, go for modern shapes like circles and hexagons. If you want to play it safe, choose squares or rectangles! You can choose canvas photo prints, large or small – choose one huge solitary canvas or go for multiple small ones – the choice is endless!

Canvas prints online are customizable. So you can choose anything to be printed on them – be it a collage, stickers, quotes, music lyrics, images, or other elements, you can customize to your heart’s content!
Advantages Of Framed Prints

Black and white photo enthusiasts often prefer framed prints. This is because the texture of framed prints allows the beauty of black and white photos to be enhanced – much more than canvas prints are ever capable of.

While canvas prints do not ruin details much, the texture of canvas boards does affect it a little. On the other hand, the photo details on a framed print look much better – they are much less likely to be grainy on paper.

Last but not least, framed prints have an undeniable aesthetic appeal that canvas prints cannot beat. However, while canvas prints have their charm and unique touch, they cannot compete with a framed piece’s classy, timeless look.
Final Choice: Framed Or Canvas?
When choosing between canvas prints and framed prints, your needs, preference, taste, and sense of style are the most important factors to consider.

Canvas prints look fantastic in business and home settings, and you can choose canvas photo prints large without sacrificing budget. They are also customizable and come in a plethora of size and shape options.

On the other hand, a photograph housed within a lovely frame is a timeless appearance that will never go out of style. Some photos look better on glossy paper, while others look better on matte, and for the final product, you have so many frames to choose from!

Thus, to make the final choice, we suggest taking stock of what you like – your style and aesthetic sense. For example, if you are more into modern and experimental decor, go for canvas prints and if you prefer a more classy and elegant setting, go for framed prints.
Canvas and framed prints both have their beauty and aesthetic – in the end, it all boils down to what you like for your home! If your style is more classy and timeless, then framed prints are your calling. Again, if you are up for a bit of experimentation, then canvas prints are the one for you. So get to know your style better, take help from this article, and we are sure you will effortlessly choose between framed and canvas prints! All the best!

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