Canal Front Residences at Dubai


Canal Front Residences at Dubai is a newly built development in Dubai that offer residents a chance to enjoy spectacular views of the city as well as the beach. Located next to Jumeirah Beach, the apartments are constructed over a canal and offer splendid views of the city and the beach. Canal Front Residences offers luxury apartments in Dubai that give residents a chance to live like they never have before.

The architecture of the apartments themselves provides a luxurious lifestyle with views of the city, mountains and sand dunes. Canal Front Residences was designed by renowned designer starchitects such as Zaha Hadid and Cornelia Gosiengfiao. Meydan Architects was responsible for the interior design while KAFE Design was responsible for the exterior design. With over seven million residents, Dubai is one of the most crowded cities in the world and the development of this residential area is an effort to provide residents with a solution to the increasing demand for luxury living. Located next to Dubai Marina, the apartments offer residents the chance to enjoy easy access to shopping malls, Dubai airline stations and restaurants.

Luxury apartments at Dubai

One of the main features of the luxury apartments at Dubai is the terraced garden. The gardens are two stories high and provide residents with lush surroundings that are almost uninterrupted by buildings. The second level is carpeted with flowers and other decorative landscaping features. The roof provides residents with a view of the waterfront and Jumeirah Beach. Read more about blue world city Islamabad.

Living in the waterfront apartments is an ideal way to enjoy the sights and sounds of Dubai. The waterfront is Dubai’s version of Central Park in New York City. Located on Burj Al Arab’s eastern side, the area offers residents a waterfront view as well as proximity to the many attractions in the area including the indoor Disney Land. The apartments also offer residents’ easy access to a variety of dining options and shopping malls that offer a great deal of local excitement.

Dubai Museum and aquarium

Located directly on the waterfront, residents have easy access to the shopping areas and restaurants located on Jumeirah Beach. Located to the north of the apartments on Burj Al Arab, residents can easily walk to the Jumeirah Beach Mall and Atlantic Shopping Center. The mall has a large number of department stores, hotels, restaurants and the Dubai Museum and aquarium. Additionally, the mall hosts a large movie festival that showcases local and foreign movies and is enjoyed by residents and visitors alike.

The apartments on the Burj Al Arab’s eastern side are located directly on Burj Al Arab’s western side. Burj Al Arab’s eastern side has many hotels and shopping malls which offer residents with an easy commute to the downtown area. These convenient services make the area a popular choice for families. The living quarters offer a convenient location to both shop and dine. The living and dining areas also offer residents a scenic view of the waterfront.

The penthouse units on Jumeirah Beach are also located directly on the waterfront. The Jumeirah Beach condominiums offer a serene living experience with two bedroom units and two bathroom suites. The living area boasts a terrace and outdoor living space with fireplace.

The two-bedroom units in the West Side Flats have living areas featuring hardwood floors and overlooking the Burj Al Arab’s well known beach. The living area overlooks the Jumeirah Beach Pool and has a terrace and an outdoor deck with fireplace. The West Side flats boast a swimming pool and a rooftop pool with a lazy flow. Both the apartment buildings and the condominiums offer easy access to the Jumeirah Beach’s restaurant, shopping and waterfront activities. Residents of the Dubai apartment buildings live and work at the glitziest resorts and clubs in the world, a lifestyle that no other city in the world can provide.

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