Can sexy lingerie spice up your marriage?

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So, you’re in a long-term relationship. You think the sex is great and everything’s going well, but there’s one problem: it’s kind of…boring. That’s where lingerie comes into play. I’m not talking about just any kind of lingerie—I’m talking about sexy lingerie! It might sound like an impossible task to spice up your marriage with just one piece of clothing, but it can be done if you’re willing to try something different and invest some time into finding the perfect set for you both.

What is it about sexy lingerie that gets men going?

Men like to see women in lingerie because they want to think of women as sexual beings. They also tend to be visual creatures, so seeing a woman in something as provocative as lingerie makes them feel confident and powerful.

Men also like the idea of being able to have sex with their wives or girlfriends whenever they want—and that’s only part of what makes sexy lingerie so appealing! When you think about it, there are lots of reasons why men should be drawn toward sexy lingerie:

  • It shows your partner how much you care about her body; it lets him know he can make any woman feel beautiful by dressing her up (or undressing her).
  • It gives him an excuse for making plans with another woman just because he loves looking at her body when she wears pretty things on top half/bottom half 🙂

Why are men so into sexy lingerie?

Men are visual creatures. We see, we notice and we respond. That’s why men love sexy lingerie so much.

Men like seeing their partner happy: they want to make sure that their wife or girlfriend is enjoying herself and feeling comfortable when they’re around them (and vice versa). If you’re not wearing something that makes him feel sexy, then he might start thinking about other things instead of focusing on you!

It also helps if there are some elements of surprise in the mix — like finding out what his favorite color is or discovering a new perfume he likes every time she wears it!

Is it just about looking good, or does it have something to do with the fantasy of being taken or dominated?

I think that the answer to this question is yes. Men are visual creatures and they’re attracted to women who look good. It’s a fantasy of being taken or dominated, but it’s also about giving your husband what he wants. The idea of being taken by someone else can be very exciting for many men, especially if it’s not something you’ve experienced before.

Men love lingerie because they know how sexy it makes them feel when they wear it; they want their wives/girlfriends to wear sexy lingerie as well so that she’ll feel like a woman when wearing them too!

Does wearing sexy lingerie give you a power boost in your marriage, too?

As you can see, the answer is yes. Sexy lingerie can give you a boost in your marriage—and it’s not just because of the physical sensation of wearing it.

The way that men feel about their wives’ lingerie choices says a lot about how they think about sex and sexuality. If your husband loves seeing his wife in revealing outfits, then he’ll probably be more likely to initiate sexual activity with her as well as respond positively when she does initiate it. And since women know what makes them feel good when they’re dressing sexy for their husbands (and vice versa), this could lead to more pleasure-filled nights together!

Can wearing sexy lingerie make you feel sexier and more confident while still being comfortable?

Wearing sexy lingerie can make you feel confident, sexy and empowered.

You’ll be able to wear it with confidence, knowing that your body is in good shape and that you look great. This feeling of empowerment will help boost your self-esteem, which is a big part of feeling confident.

But wearing sexy lingerie doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice comfort or relaxation in order to feel this way! In fact, there’s no need for any kind of compromise here—you can still be comfortable while looking hot!

How can I get my husband to like racy lingerie more than basic and boring?

  • Get him to help you pick out a new style.
  • Try it on together, then take off the naughty underwear and put on some basic undies, so that he can see you in both stages of undress.
  • Take off everything again, but this time have him come over and watch as you pull up your skirt or slip out of your bra (or whatever).

If he’s still not into sexy lingerie when they’re wearing it around the house (or anywhere else), try doing things like this:

If my husband is absolutely crazy about my mostly-covered-up style right now, how can I bring him around to something more risqué without scaring him away?

If you’re worried about scaring your husband away, don’t be. Your husband is likely to be excited about the change in your style and will likely be supportive of whatever you decide to try. It’s important that he knows that this is something new for both of you, so going slow and easing into things is key!

If he doesn’t like it at first, don’t worry—you can always go back to the basics if it doesn’t work out. If he enjoys seeing more revealing clothing on his wife (and I’m sure he will!), then perhaps lingerie sets would be a good place to start!

Sexy lingerie can be hot and empowering for the person who wears it.

It is empowering to be able to wear something that you feel good in and it can be hot and empowering for the person who wears it. You can feel sexy, confident, and comfortable while still being comfortable.

Feeling good about yourself is more important than what your spouse thinks. If you’re not feeling great about yourself, then no amount of lingerie will make up for that feeling of unworthiness or low self-esteem — so don’t think of it as a competition! You don’t have to prove anything with your body because everyone has different tastes when it comes down to what makes them feel sexy or beautiful; there’s no right answer here at all!

Instead of thinking “I need this” or “my husband wouldn’t approve,” try thinking “I want this.” If he wants something different than what I’m wearing (and let’s face it — most husbands do), then why not give him something else? Or maybe even take an extra step further: maybe try wearing some sexy clothes together once a week just so neither one feels left out…


So, it looks like the answer to all your questions is yes: sexy lingerie can be hot and empowering for the person who wears it. It’s not just about looking good or feeling sexy—there’s a deeper meaning behind choosing a style of lingerie that you feel confident in and comfortable in, because it makes you feel closer to your partner. Plus, knowing that your husband loves what he sees on you may make him want even more intimacy and affection from now on.

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