Budget-Friendly Trip to Frankfurt

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Frankfurt is an amazing city to make a trip with family or friends. The city is the finance capital of Germany housing several splendid attractions in the city including expressive buildings. This city is fully packed with natural beauty that makes it worth visiting.

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Check out some most spectacular spots in the city that make it a famous city to be explored worldwide.


Romerberg is located in the heart of the city square which is a famous spot full of illustrious sites. This site goes hand in hand with Frankfurt and housing a bunch of irregularly formed buildings providing a beautiful vibe. This city region has always flourished with walkers and offers open-fronted shops.


Museumsufer is another chief location of the city which is situated on the south bank of the River Main. Drop into the museum which lets you know about the past life and the still preserved tradition. Come here to see the museums that have an international heirloom and take you in a period of medieval, Renaissance and Baroque periods.

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Main Tower

The main tower captures the high-rise buildings gazing upon the streets which is the central attraction in the city. Visit this main street to explore and which permits the public to discover the most superb view of the city. You will learn here that this tower is named after the Main River running through the city’s veins.

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Goethe House

The Goethe House is called after the writer Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe, who was until 1765 and belonged to Frankfurt. This famous man has his birthplace Frankfurt that has made this house and restored it after World War II. Watch out for this house that has a dining room, lettering room on the first floor and has been elegantly decorated. This house is a must-visit house to pay your compliment and to have a sight of the lovely architecture.

Palm Garden

Palm Garden is spread across 54 hectares which were established in 187. This garden is one of the most extensive botanical gardens in the city and is among the top list for tourists. Visit this palm garden that has many unique places like botanical exhibits that are laid out according to the geological location.

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St Bartholomew’s

St. Bartholomew’s is a famous Church which is the most popular tourist attraction and stand-out in this city of skyscrapers. Come to this beautiful Church that has been designated to the status of an Imperial Cathedral and is a superb structure to visit.

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