Can You Bring Your Family With You If You Have A Visitor Visa 600?

Visitor Visa 600

The Visitor Visa 600 is an Australian visa that allows an international visitor to travel to Australia to spend a holiday, participate in business engagements, cruise, or visit family. While other Australian visas allow applicants to include their family members in their applications, the Visitor Visa 600 does not have that option. But this visa has several streams, and one of them is the Sponsored Family Stream.

In this stream, you can sponsor your family members to come to visit you. So, in a word, you cannot bring any family member while holding the Visa Subclass 600. Rather, your family member has to apply for it if you are willing to sponsor them. Go through this blog to know all the details of the Sponsored Family Stream under Visitor Visa Subclass 600.

Who can be a sponsor?

According to the Australian Department of Home Affairs laws, the sponsor can be a parent, partner, sibling, or an Australian Government official. So, suppose you are currently residing in Australia. In that case, you will be able to help your children, sibling, or spouse apply for the Visitor Visa for Australia and come to live with you for a specific period. 

What are the eligibility requirements?

Note that for a successful application for the Sponsored Family Stream under the Visitor Visa 600, both the applicant and the sponsor must meet certain eligibility requirements. Here we discuss all of them.

  • If you want to sponsor your family member for the Visitor Visa 600, you should already be staying in Australia at the time of application. You must remember that the person you are sponsoring can come to Australia only for a temporary period.
  • The arriving family member should fulfil the necessary character and health requirements, regardless of the country they are coming from. As the Australian Government is pretty strict about community health, they should not have any health condition that requires continuous support from the community or the government. For character requirements, they must provide evidence of discharge from military service, if applicable.
  • The applicant should also show that they have adequate funds to cover various costs during their stay in Australia.
  • Other requirements for the applicants include clearing all the debts and proving that they are genuine visitors. 
  • Specific conditions may also apply depending on the country the applicant is coming from. For clarifications, they can take professional help from an experienced Immigration Consultant Perth
  • This stream will only allow sponsored individuals to visit Australia. If any other family member wishes to enter this country, they must make a separate Tourist Visitor Visa 600 application. In that case, both the tourist visa application and the sponsored visa application will be processed together.
  • Applicants can make online or offline applications. 

What are the entitlements available to the applicants who come to Australia under the Sponsored Family Stream?

Your family member who will come to Australia with the Sponsored Family Stream must comply with the following conditions. 

  • People who come to Australia with the Subclass Visitor Visa 600 under the Sponsored Family Stream can live in Australia for 12 months. After 12 months, they can no longer stay. 
  • With this visa, your friend or family can visit you in Australia and stay with you for up to 12 months. 
  • Your family member must note that the purpose for their visit to Australia with this visa can be to spend a holiday, visit different corners of this beautiful country or a cruise. However, the purpose should not be any medical treatment or business activity. Separate visas are there for these reasons. 
  • The Visitor Visa 600 allows the applicant to register for a study or training course that does not last more than 3 months.
  • As an applicant, your family member or friend must know that they cannot get any salaried job in Australia during their period of stay.
  • The individual has to leave Australia before the visa becomes invalid.

What steps should your family member follow to apply for Visitor Visa 600?

To apply for this stream, your family member has to consider the following steps. 

Step 1: Things to do before they apply

Before starting with the application procedure, they have to undertake necessary health examinations. Ask them to contact a relevant organization to check which examinations they will need. 

To complete the application procedure, taking help from a registered migration agent from Perth is usually recommended. The applicant should make this decision before the application.

Step 2: Gathering all the documents

The next step involves gathering all the necessary documents required for the application process. Before uploading them, the applicant should ensure all the documents are certified and do not contain any incorrect information. Different types of documents include:

Identity documents

  • Passport
  • National identity card
  • Name change proof, if applicable
  • A marriage or divorce or separation certificate

Genuine visitor documents

The applicant must prove that the purpose behind their visit is only to spend a holiday with their family member residing in Australia. The supporting documents will include:

  • Proof of having enough funds to support their visit
  • An invitation letter from you
  • Their plans while living in Australia

In the invitation letter, you must include:

  • Your relationship with the person
  • The purpose behind their visit and for how long they will stay
  • Proof of your funds, if you are sponsoring their stay

Sponsorship documents

As a sponsor, you will need to submit a completed Form 1149. Documents related to migration help. If they are taking help from a migration agent, associated documents should be submitted. A filled-out Form 956 has to be uploaded if they hire a legal practitioner or a registered agent. If they withdraw such a professional, a filled-out Form 956a must be submitted. They must make sure that all the documents are in English. Documents in other languages must be translated to English.

Step 3: Completing the application

Once all the documents are gathered, they can now complete the application online or through paper. All the information must be accurate. The applicant should note that they have to pay the application charge to complete the application.

Step 4: Things to do after application

Some additional tasks may need to be completed after the application is lodged. The applicant may be asked to provide biometrics or take the health examinations if not taken earlier. They will also have the option to correct mistakes.

Step 5: Visa outcome

The Department of Home Affairs informs the applicants about the application outcome through email.

It is crucial to go through the checklist before making the final application to ensure they have not missed any vital parts. Throughout the whole application process, your family member should remain outside Australia. They cannot enter the country until the Department of Home Affairs approves their application. It means this visa is strictly an offshore one. 

Final Words

Whether you are the sponsoring relative or the sponsored individual willing to visit your family member, consulting a qualified and experienced visa consultant from Perth will always be the best help. Australian migration agents are highly efficient and can be approached through email from anywhere in the world. So, for a successful Visa 600 application, you can contact them at any time.

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