For more than 200 years, Bohemian style has been an exotic alternative to the mainstream fashion of the time. It is noticed that the BOHO dresses and their culture belong to the artists, writers, and intellectuals as they like to wear a variety of dresses around the world and even they like historical costumes.

The Boho dresses consist of quite loose, vibrant, and colorful and is generally known as boho chic, hippie style, or aesthetic attire. With their long, flowing hair and loose style fabrics, bohemians stand out from the crowd and represent a colorful counterculture that is entirely based on creativity, poverty, and indifference to social structures and traditions.

Bohemian fashion and the boho dresses offers a wide range of cuts, shapes and silhouettes, as well as just as many distinctive fabrics, patterns and techniques. From soft materials such as cotton, linen and chiffon, to more durable leathers, suedes and fur fabrics, the boho style is largely based on natural fabrics, often decorated with intricate elements such as lace, crochet and animal or floral patterns. While oversized garments such as tunic blouses, maxi skirts and beautiful balloon-sleeved dresses are the most popular option, the bohemian look can also be achieved with items such as flared jeans, crochet tops and fringed leather waistcoats, all these outfits are traditionally known as boho dresses. Whichever of these chic bohemian elements you choose, try complimenting them with more modern neutrals or pastel shades to create a more balanced, yet liberated and relaxed look.


From Roman sandals in summer to ankle boots and cowboy boots in the cooler months, the choice of boho-inspired footwear is truly endless and can easily be worn whatever your personal style. If you want to take it one step further, you can take inspiration from popular festivals such as Coachella and be inspired by bright headwear such as flower crowns, printed scarves tied like ribbons or even wide-brimmed hats with veils in neutral colors. Fringes and tassels are also popular boho elements, often found on gorgeous leather and crochet bags, while oversized round sunglasses are the perfect boho accessory to complement the boho dresses.


In contrast to toned-down and minimalism, beautiful bohemian jewellery is recognisable for its distinctive style and maximum impact. Intricately designed and often oversized, bohemian jewellery comes in all shapes and forms. Although materials such as leather, wood and bone can be used in its design, bohemian jewellery is predominantly metal jewellery adorned with exquisite details. Whether earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings or even anklets, all bohemian jewellery includes embellishments such as beads, pearls, feathers, coloured gemstones or interesting tribal engravings. As expressive and dramatic as they are beautiful, bohemian jewellery can easily be incorporated into any modern style for a more relaxed and casual look.

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