A Complete Guide Of Best Time To Visit Greece & Greek Islands

Best Time To Visit Greece

The ancient gods, the Mediterranean scents, and unique islands are merged into Greece. At the crossroads between Europe, Asia, and Africa you will discover Greece. The islands of Crete and Mykonos, the Acropolis in Athens, and Thessaloniki are among the popular sites. Spring through early summer (April to mid-June) and fall are the best time to visit Greece (September to mid-October).

In this article, we will be providing you with a substantial Greece travel guide about the best time to go to Greece and places to visit in Greece.

Weather Of Greece

If the Greeks are given something by God, it is the Mediterranean climate in them. Select a weather chart every day from spring to fall, and the majority of Greece seems to be fortunate with limitless sun and clear sky. Even in winter, there are many great days, yet it might be chilly and damp and snowy in the highlands. On Rhodes or in the south-eastern section of Crete, the mildest winter climate is found.

Greece has different weather conditions between Greece and the Greek continent. Ensure that you are ready for the weather regardless of where you go in Greece. Given below is a list of the best places to visit in Greece with their weather temperament.

1. Athens

best time to go to greece

Athens, Greece’s capital, has a Mediterranean environment with moderate wet winters and bright and sunny summers. The cold air from the Balkan peninsula can generate cold and rain for many days during the winter months (December-March), even snow at times. Temperatures of up to 35°C and occasionally even 40°C can be achieved in the summer.

Moderate weather and few visitors turn winter into an excellent time to visit Athens. Summer is hot, but the sky is constantly blue, virtually no rain, and the sidewalks are filled with tables and chairs beside bars and restaurants. The best of all worlds are spring and fall: nice weather, little crowds, and a vibrant, dynamic environment. The best time to travel to Greece for going to Athens is all year round.

2. Santorini

best places to visit in greece

Santorini (a series of islands in the Aegean Sea) is the largest and most southern of the Cyclades and has a Mediterranean climate. From October through March, you may expect rain. Santorini is bright and warm from June to mid-September (summer), yet it is manageable by the wind. In July, it hardly never pours. The fall was first somewhat bright and mild, but the first showers gradually started and then became more regular. Cold days with an average of 10°C can be expected during the winter.

Just remember that a lot of restaurants and hotels have been shut down for winter, even although in the most famous tourist spots you should still find something. Plan to pack a more cooling wind-resistant, waterproof jacket, and clothes. There are a lot of things to do in Santorini Greece.

3. Heraklion

where to go in greece

Heraklion lies on Crete, Greece’s biggest island. Snow on the mountains of the island can be seen during winter. You can even see the snow in April when you are lucky. Cree not so much like the other Greek islands is subjected to chilly weather. There may be heat waves that may be seen at 35°C on the coast of the island and 40°C inland but Heraklion is the perfect answer for where to go in Greece for a warm and fuzzy feeling.

Seasons In Greece

greece vacation spots

1. Shoulder Season: Best Time To Visit Greece For Winter Lovers

The ideal time to visit Greece is in the Spring (April – early June) and Fall (September – October). During this shoulder season, you may enjoy moderate weather and fewer visitors. The shoulder season will give you the chance to enjoy Greece vacation spots without straining your finances.

You will notice that hotel costs and trips are lower between April and mid-June and again between September and mid-October. Consider visiting lesser renowned Greek places like Milos and Lesvos to get the most for your money. Spring is full of spectacular blooms and the magnificent landscape offers dramatic photography.

One of our drawbacks is that several hotels, stores, and restaurants will not be open until June, but will decide to close again in October. This is because the native people are living slowly on numerous islands. During the Greek shoulder season, you may explore the other side of Greece, away from its famed Mediterranean splendor, with its bronzed beaches and an active nightlife.

For its natural beauty without population invasion, the season is the perfect time to visit Greece. This is the time to get to the little, family-centered towns where you may enjoy kindness and cuisine. Santorini is the exquisite shoulder season destination of the island with its epic experiences such as magnificent Medellanean sunsets and awe-inspiring strolls through the caldera.

The beaches around the islands are considerably more enjoyable, like Mykonos, since the regular throng goes away. You may enjoy your seclusion in beautiful Mediterranean waves. Fall is the greatest time to visit Greece, since it is the peak harvest period, because of its abundance of fruit.

In fall, if one can enjoy sprinkling tomato, figs, melons, and grape, the fruit is cheaper to acquire. The ideal season to visit is Spring and Autumn. Take notice that practically all hotels outside Athens are booked much in advance, as the slicks of cities make their way to the countryside for Easter holidays if you come to Greece for Easter. Holidays include Good Friday, Easter Saturday, and Paschal Sunday, and many museums and places are closed.

2. High Season: Good Weather For Places To Go In Greece

The high season in Greece is summer (from late June to early September). Popular sites like Crete, Rhodes, Mykonos, and Santorini are turned into a show full of people looking for the most pleasant of Greece’s summer. During the busy season, the Cyclades saw a great flow of visitors.

There are a great number of inhabitants on the remainder of the Greek islands. The high summer maybe also the greatest time to visit Greece if you want to explore the Greek continent – the semicircular villages on the mountainside and the lively towns of Thessaloniki and Athens. If you want Greece places to visit, then high season should be your perfect call.

The temperatures are rather warm during the summer months, and the crowd is overwhelming. But it is also the greatest time to visit islands such as Mykonos during the summer in Greece for its bustling nightlife. Consider that August is the busiest and most costly month for the Greek Islands, so reserve the accommodation beforehand.

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Greece Travel Tips: Sea Temperatures

Greece’s beaches in the Greek islands are best visited from late May to early October. The seawater is really warm and good to swim in and the weather for sunbathing is fantastic. Head off for a swim in Heraklion from July to September at 25°C.

The water temperature of Santorini in the summer months reaches a maximum of 24°C. The usual water temperature is between 16°C to 20°C throughout spring that is the best time to visit Greece.

Daylight Hours During The Best Time To Visit Greece

The hours of daylight in Greece are growing as the months are warm and bright. You are expected to have a maximum of 14 hours daylight in spring and summer, and an average of 10 hours daylight in the cooler months of fall. And if you are asking is it safe to travel to Greece after daylight hours, then the most obvious answer is ‘YES’.

Flight Cost To Greece

Flights to the capital city, Athens, are reasonable, and you can take a ferry to the numerous Greek islands once you have landed in the city (however, check Greece coronavirus travel guidelines before planning any trip).

Flight Cost To Greece

1. Shoulder Season

The shoulder time for Athens flights is 20 percent cheaper since fewer tourists go to Greece. This would be the greatest time to vacation Greece for cheaper flights, ferries, lodging, and attractions. This is the best time to go to Greece if you are slightly low on budget.

2. High Season

In the summer you will have to pay 50% extra flights to Greek Islands like Santorini. In the summer, visitors swarm to the Greek Islands, and flying, housing, and numerous activities in islands are increased.

Book your flights and accommodation at least 3 months in advance to prevent disappointment!

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Annual Festivals Of Greece

The Greek calendar is full of festivities that allow you to discover Greece. In summer, most festivals are held.

Annual Festivals Of Greece

1. Aprokies (Feb-Mar)

“Aprokies,” which means three weeks of dancing and festivities. The “Carnival” Three weeks before Lent Monday, Aprokies is celebrated. Go to areas such as Patra, Corfu Island, Xanthi, and Rethymno, where you may enjoy wonderful carnival parades.

2. Orthodox Easter (Mar-Apr)

Easter is the most important occasion in the Greek calendar of events (the dates change from year to year as it goes according to the Greek calendar). This is when every evening you will see candlestick streets and churches. Holy Sunday begins Saturday, known as the Saturday of Lazarus (one week before Easter Sunday).

3. Rouketopolemos (Mar-Apr)

It is a yearly local festival conducted around the Paschal period that Rouketopolemos translates as ‘rocket battle.’ On the Greek island of Chios, Rouketopolemos is famous. Two opposing church congregations in Vrontados are engaged in this intriguing event, which is waging a “rocket war” around the city by shooting homemade rockets. The aim is to strike the Belltower with the rockets.

4. Athens Epidaurus (Jun-Aug)

Classical music and open-air performances in numerous wonderful locales fill the lovely summer months. Dance is performed in the town squares around the towns and epic soundtracks in the Greek National Opera. Catch the finest of the ancient theatrical festival played in Epidaurus’ old town.

5. Hippocrates (Jul-Aug)

Enter the island of Kos and participate in the Hippocrates Festival, a festival of dance, performances in theatre, and concerts in the open air. The event also offers the opportunity to explore many of the old landmarks of Kos.

6. Athens Photo Festival (Jun-Jul)

The Athens Photo Festival establishes an area of interchange of ideas, worldwide commitment, and artistic expression to bring together new and established artists and photographers from across the world.

7. Rockwave Festival (Jun-Jul)

The RockWave Festival, held in June in the town of Malakasa, will delight music aficionados. Including Arctic Monkeys, Iron Maiden, and Lana Del Rey, the Festival attracts amazing worldwide and local bands and musicians.

8. Fistiki Fest (Sept)

Fistiki is a celebration celebrated by the population of Aegina Island. Thousands of stands sell pistachio items during the Fistiki Festival. The event is full of artistic displays, dramas, nights of gourmet cuisine, and entertainment.

9. Thessaloniki International Film Festival (Nov)

This is one of Greece’s major cultural events. New and new filmmakers are allowed to exhibit their work at the film festival.

This is one of Greece’s major cultural events. New and new filmmakers are allowed to exhibit their work at the film festival.

Overall Summary Of Best Time To Visit Greece

1. Best Time To Visit Greek Islands

From late May to early October, Greek islands are best suited to swimming, sunbathing, and beach weather; and touring, walking and touring from April to early November. The weather patterns of the Greek islands should take account of a decent travel route for Greece.

2. Best Time To Visit Athens

Athens is a fantastic destination throughout the year. Moderate weather and fewer people make it wonderful to experience the real Athens in winter. Summer is hot but the sky is constantly blue with virtually no rain, and the sidewalks are filled with tables and chairs beside bars and restaurants. The best of all worlds is Spring and Fall: nice weather, fewer crowds, and a pleasant dynamic environment.

3. Best Time To Visit Greece For Great Weather

Between late May and early October Greek and Greek islands, warmer weather is when the sea is suitable for swimming and bright and warm. During the warmer months, the temperature of the water increases. In May, the sea is chilly to swim in (even though the weather can be beautiful). In August and early September, the water is hottest. Swimming is typically feasible at the beginning of May and late October but cannot be guaranteed.

4. Best Time To Visit Greece Beaches

The greatest time to go to Greece in July, August, and September, while hanging out on the nicest beaches in Greece and swimming in the sea, maybe the second half of September, with many visitors heading home, and with sea temperatures quite warm after the summer heat.

5. Best Time To Visit Greece For Sightseeing

The ideal season for visiting attractions in Greece is usually between April and mid-May or October, as well as early November when there will be fewer visitor interruptions in the attractions and the weather is often very moderate (except early October).

6. Best Time To Visit Greece For Sailing

The Greek sailing season lasts between the beginning of April and the beginning of November. When you sail in April, May, or June, you’re normally going to pay lesser charges. When the islands are very lush, green, and flowers blossom, you have the chance to see them. October is less crowded, with the summer season concluding in September, and rates fall again, although the water is particularly suitable for swimming.

7. Best Time To Visit Greece For Mountain Hiking

The months April and May are great for mountain walks, with a lush environment with brilliant wildflowers and often good conditions for walking. October is another excellent period when hot summer temperatures start to wind down and fall leaves are at their peak.

8. Best Time To Visit Greece For Honeymoon

June to September is great if you desire a beach break. If you are interested in peace, loneliness, sightseeing, and romance, it would be perfect anywhere between April and early November.

9. Best Time To Visit Greece For Nightlife Parties

Mykonos, Paros, Ios, and Santorini offer the greatest nightlife, and July and August are the primary months when you’re seeking parties, dance, and live DJs. Mykonos is also wonderful during the end of June and the beginning of September. On Santorini, from the end of May until the beginning of October, the nightlife is good.

Put Greece On Your Travel List During The Best Time To Visit Greece

Greece is a fantasy of the Mediterranean and rich in magnificent islands and historical history. This great European resort is visited by numerous people to enjoy its various joys. Greece offers everything from the Acropolis of Athens to the Greek Islands. Greece should undoubtedly be on your vacation list taking into account everything it has to offer!

We hope this Greek travel advisory helped you.

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