Best Sites for Downloading Free Documentaries

Besides watching movies, TV shows, web series, etc., some people are big fans of documentaries as well. Documentaries are mainly intended to record a reality for instruction and education purposes. Due to abundant kinds and topics, they can meet the requirement of all different age groups. There are many great and reliable websites where you can download and watch documentaries for free, like thepirateproxybay. At this popular site you will not only find vast numbers of documentaries but it also offers safe and copyrighted content for free downloading to all its users. Similarly, the u1337x is an equally safe and useful platform.

Here is a list of the best free websites for watching & downloading documentaries:


When it comes to size as well as popularity, Vimeo is definitely the best website for downloading documentaries. The most impressive part of this wonderful website is that it supports high-definition videos, so it is the perfect platform if you are looking for a more precise viewing experience. 

If you are a person that likes things in an orderly manner, you will find Vimeo a great place to find all documentaries as they are better classified than other platforms. The categories available on the platform include Culture & Tech; Arts & Craft; Sports; Nature, and People. The platform is best suited for those users who need to watch a specific category. If you are interested in downloading your favorite Vimeo documentary, it is necessary to have an easy-to-use Vimeo downloader.

  • YouTube

It is one of the biggest video-sharing websites all around the world, making it an excellent choice for watching documentaries as well. In the movie section, there are many movie genres listed. You just need to choose Documentary, and all the documentaries available will be listed into categories, like New Releases, Most Popular, Top Selling, and so on. 

  • BBC

As you all must know BBC is commonly used for News broadcasts. But you should know that more than a news broadcaster, there is plenty of documentaries, music, TV shows, games, etc. as well on BBC. Therefore, many people love to watch BBC documentaries and videos on BBC, and so it is gaining popularity globally

  • Top Documentary Films

This site offers full documentaries and information on documentaries with the help of quoting reviews from reliable sources. These documentaries are classified into various categories, thus making it more straightforward, find films on your favorite topics. Even you can add comments on documentaries that you have watched. So that other viewers could read about the videos to watch if they like to see them too.

  • Open Documentaries

This website maintains a documentary database with many documentaries for users to view free in various categories. You need not pay anything, and even registration is not required. However, users can register if they want to create their own playlist and receive updates if new ones (documentaries) are added. Open Documentaries also offer an option for adding new documentaries automatically to your playlist.


It streams free, thought-provoking, full-length, entertaining, educational documentary films with no registration needed. They have searched all through the web world for well-produced videos and accumulated them onto a single site. You can also download the film or watch trailers for a few films. A few films on this site have an extensive distribution, but some independent filmmakers create others. They depend on websites like for getting their information out to the people.


It offers a massive catalog of free documentaries, full-length on an extensive range of topics, like politics, nature, history, and science. You can easily browse by category, sort by length (short, mid, long, less than 10, 15, and 30 minutes respectively), top films, and see mini-documentaries on the making of documentaries themselves. The documentaries on are available worldwide, without any sort of territory restrictions.


  • DocumentaryWire

This amazing website offers a vast collection of interesting, educational, and free documentaries for their users to watch online. These films cover several genres, so watch and see what catches your interest and even feel free to share thoughts about documentaries you like.

If you are looking for an excellent and popular website for downloading documentaries, choose the pirate proxy bay. It will make your documentary viewing a great experience as it offers faster downloading speed along with several other benefits to its users.

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