15 Best Rpg Games Ps4 Of 2021 [Updated List]

Best RPG Games Ps4

RPG is one of the oldest gaming staples. Though they were hardcore, heavy-handed business they became famous with games like Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy VII, which was how we got to the best PS4 RPGs. While the PS1 heyday is over, today they are one of the best and most popular genres in the world to suit the times with the best RPG games Ps4.

Traces of RPGs can be found in the growing structures of almost every game we play today by taking action and passing on their appeal to other genres. In that respect, we celebrate the best PS4 RPGs in the history of the console. A wide variety of RPGs can be found here, from typical turnaround activities to Kung-fu bonanzas and gothic horror crossovers. 

Best RPG Games Ps4

For RPG enthusiasts, these are the best RPG games Ps4:

  • The Witcher 3: Starting The List Of Best Ps4 RPG Games

Witcher 3 is denser and denser and more profound as RPG mechanics than the other two games of the series and, in the long term, this complexity has become more daunting and satisfying in the overwhelmingly vast open-world setting. The enormous and openness of this world are difficult to express: green, rolling fields with swinging foliage of every shape and size fill the gap between loosely linked, ramshackle townships where people are struggling.

There were no games on the same epic size as The Witcher 3 when it arrived back in 2015. Even now, five years later, with the included DLCs that are released, it remains a huge world to explore. The open countryside brings you into a world of magic and fighting, driven by characteristics and a fantastic show that keeps you crouching. It is one of the best RPG Ps4 games.

There are a variety of magic spells, particularly when ensembled by a group of enemies, which are important for tactical attack and defense. And don’t forget additional things that are useful to some fighting, including crossbows and explosives. The first game to make it to the PS4 is this third entry. The explanation is clear: there are flourishing graphics that with the new-gen console would not have been possible. 

Pros Of This One Of The Best RPG Games On Ps4:

  • Hundreds of hours of gameplay
  • Massive world to explore
  • Original soundtrack
  • Compelling story
  • Final Fantasy XIV: One Of The Ps4 Best RPG Games

When it comes to Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Reborn, since its initial release in 2010, improvements have been crucial. This online adventure has finally rekindled and continues to evolve, even today, with colossal changes all around it. The graphics department will see the most notable changes, with the Eorzea landscapes in real high definition being exemplary. 

From East Shroud’s luxuriant woods to the flourishing restored town of Mor Dhona, your share button DualShock 4 will be very useful in the beautiful scenery. Smaller tweaks of course are also present. For the beginning of the game, the heads-up display is more adjustable, which enables you to cover or resize more elements as you please. The configuration of your specific playstyle can be changed for hours and the choice is appreciated fully. 

Impressively, when you play on a smaller screen of PlayStation Vita via Remote Play, the game also has a separate HUD, which has a touch screen and rear touchpad to ensure maximum power, which functions shockingly well. Given the genre, more than the story is to be written. As an adventurer in Eorzea, you will only need one character to experience all that the kit offers. This is among the best Ps4 games RPG.

Pros Of This One Of The Best RPG Games For Ps4:

  • Stunning visuals
  • Expansive universe
  • Great soundtracks
  • New cities to explore
  • Bloodborne: Among The Highly Addictive & Best Ps4 RPG Games 2021

Bloodborne has unbelievable strength. Not only is it an incredible dance of dodges and swipes that often stretch the limits of reflexes and stamina, but it is also a thinking-provoking experience that is taken into many minds. However, perseverance and patient development, and committed know-how have proven to be a non-conventional adventure, which eventually gives far more than is necessary – which can often be staggering. 

In the end, technological frustrations are the only ones that do not transform into triumphs. You are left stupid by Bloodborne’s ability to draw emotions, after more than 60 hours of graphing with its terrors, monster, and climate. Your personal story will be built on your terms as you discover Bloodborne’s hazardous world through the network of walkways and secrets. Bloodborne is one of the best action RPG games Ps4.

Everything is secret, the forgotten people of the eerily decaying city of Yharnam spend their time talking about new forms and means to communicate with the universe. Careful consideration and curious effort often feature rewards in the game. While Bloodborne is often an isolating and solitary experience, the fascinating improvement of subtle cooperative elements.

Pros Of This One Of The Best Ps4 RPG Games Out Now:

  • Highly addictive
  • Great gameplay
  • Matured content
  • Gothic theme
  • Diablo: Falling In The List Of Best Ps4 RPG Games

Although Diablo III’s reception of the Sanctuaire was nice to look at with the saturated colors and occasional rainbows, Reaper of Souls sprinkles it all apart and splashes the canvas with the shades of charcoal and deliciously dark scenes which harken back to the old Diablo.

The streets of Westmarch, where the new Act 5 starts, are dim and full of events and quests that effectively set a tone of despair. Corpses are high up in cathedrals, civil people are useless in the streets until they are possessed by evil spirits, and there is civil unease when it becomes obvious that the King of Westmark cannot protect his people. 

The truly written plot does not hold these ideas long, but the atmosphere is tangible, which leads to a world that feels imperiled and needs a hero more than the four first actions. Although Reaper of Souls remains at the darker end of the spectrum, the variety in both its local and monster designs is remarkable. 


Just one short meeting takes on Diablo III art, so the rest of the five-hour campaign is full of fun new sights to see and even more amazing demons to smite. Reaper of Souls presents in one act almost as much diversity as Diablo III before. This is one of the best RPG Ps4 games.

Pros Of This One Of The Best Ps4 RPG Games:

  • Lengthy story
  • Never-ending action
  • A new approach to health
  • Great graphics
  • Horizon Zero Dawn: Expanding The Best RPG Games Ps4 List

Some things go to a new world and find them to be thick with an extensively thought lore, generates aggressive questions that leave an indelible mark on the player. There’s little to be done about it. Horizon Zero Dawn is one such game and it creates the common RPG with its unique identity. Horizon Zero Dawn is one of the best Ps4 RPG games.

Alongside an extremely versatile struggle and a tale about inexplicably deeper concepts, even after its 40-hour campaign, players find it hard to tear away from Horizon. One of the biggest strengths of Horizon Zero Dawn is its mystery from the very beginning. When Aloy is out in the large world, there is a lot of versatility. 

With the variety contained in 26 different kinds of animal-like machinery, the battle of Horizon is its most convincing aspect. These animals have many weak points which can be scanned with Aloy’s Focus and various outcomes can affect how the struggle occurs. In Horizon, you don’t battle just machines. There are also human objectives, but it is not as engaging as their mechanical counterparts, many of which in this open mass universe populate bandit camps.

Pros Of This One Of The Best RPG Games On PS4:

  • Outstanding visuals
  • 40-hours long gameplay
  • Immersive storyline
  • Unique weapons
  • Elder Scrolls V: Upscaling The List Of Best RPG Games Ps

It may be almost a decade old, but Skyrim continues to be one of the most important RPGs – mostly due to its amazing PC mod scene. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition was published by Bethesda, which contains all the add-ons and some graphical overhauls. 

You can also get The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR for PC and PS4 if you have a VR headset, which gives you an even more diving experience. Where were you, if you haven’t played it all? It makes it possible to spend hundreds of pleasant hours without even addressing the main story in this open-world fantasy epic. 

Few games are as rich as that, and it’s all that you can do to play the game as a whole bunch of different characters without feeling like a single “hero” mold. We’re not going to ruin the main plot, so let’s just claim it has more dragons than Thrones, and even dragon control can be used by you. Elder Scrolls V is among the best Ps4 RPG games.

Pros Of This Cinematic Gaming Experience:

  • Vast community
  • Great soundtrack
  • Graphical feast
  • Large maps
  • Assassin’s Creed Odyssey: Conquering The World Of Best Ps4 Games RPG

Continue the series’ development from Stealth-sandbox to Action/RPG (methane), where the origin was left out. Odyssey’s presentation from Ancient Greece, which occurs around 400 years before the AC Origins events, is as wonderful as the series has been (or games generally, very frankly). Throughout its green forests and climbing hills or the brilliant sea of the Mediterranean still offers something new to be found or an old ruin for explorers. 

The new skill trees offer hundreds of skills that are useful in and out of battle, but tour combat, centered ones such as the 300-inspired Spartan Kick are brutally satisfactory

While it does not have the best voice ever to play the series, the key campaign manages to present a convincing tale for people in whom we have real investments. It is one of the best open world RPG games Ps4.

While its vital journey lasts about 50-60 hours and seems a little bogged down in orders and inquiries. That said, the Odyssey of Assassin’s creed stands out as a must-play title for the modern generation, despite all the constraints of the core adventure (historical inaccuracies).

Pros Of This Blissful RPG Game:

  • Immersive gameplay
  • Enticing soundtrack
  • Great character buildup
  • Unique story

  • Death Stranding: Most Unique In The List Of Best Ps4 RPG Games 2021

Death Stranding is one of the hottest games in 2019, undeniably. However, it is also one of the best PS4 games, particularly if you enjoy the unique brand of unchanged futurism of Hideo Kojima. In this game, you control the Sam Bridges, which provide residents of a post-apocalyptic Earth with supplies. 

The titular “death stranding” triggered a race of out-sized animals, raising some rather philosophical questions about existence, death, and power itself in the post-apocalypse. The gameplay is rather understated, one of the interesting about Death Stranding. Much simply journeys from place to place and infrastructure are, created to simplify your trips. 

How well your deliveries go will affect how you can develop the skills Sam, which will allow you to bring more items and with characters from the non-player. Death Stranding is one of the Ps4 best RPG games

Pros Of This Titular Title:

  • Never-told storyline
  • Unique presentation
  • Flawless gameplay
  • Great story buildup
  • Dark Souls III: Highly Enticing Name In The List Of Best RPG Games PS4

When a planet drifting gracefully through the apocalypse, the first Dark Souls III shows one directly into it on a spiraling, feverish plunge. It is a ferocious and punishing ghetto that dares you to move forward before you knock down, over and over again. But with a dull but lovely world to explore and full of secrets to discover, the players are always forced to come back, keen to conquer even the most demanding challenges.

The Lothric Reign and the surrounding lands feature some of The Developer FromSoftware’s most visually striking spaces. While many locations use concepts from familiar locations, they are sufficiently separated to feel different from the similarities they had played in the past. Dark souls III is one of the best RPG games for Ps4.

There’s never a time, the good sense of place and the magnificent detail placed in every environment don’t captivate the player. Each level is not only full of amazing architectural wonders and minute environmental adornment; it is also dense with things to do and see from time to time. 

Pros Of This Damning Action Title:

  • Custom combat play
  • Dark gameplay
  • Highly addictive
  • Great action moves
  • Devil May Cry 5: Highly Anticipated Name In The List Of Best RPG Games For Ps4

Eleven years on, Capcom finally release a sequel worth waiting for, after hitting Devil Can Cry 4 racks. Devil May Cry 5 is a stylish, confident action game that satisfies long-lasting fans and welcomes young people. You are going to battle huge, grotesque foes with a gorgeous blend of gunplay, swordplay, and platforming while playing as supernatural guerrillas Dante, Nero, and V. It can be a tough game but the fight is its reward once you find your groove.

The gameplay is especially gratifying, as the soundtrack changes and is developed to show your success with higher combos. Devil May Cry 5 is beautiful, satisfying, and worth a look if you have any affinity with the series. And if you’re a beginner, in the Devil May Cry: HD Collection, also on PS4, you can catch previous games. Devil May Cry is a very renowned name in the likings of the best RPG games Ps4.

Pros Of This Crazily Followed Game:

  • Wide community
  • Anticipating gameplay
  • Highly imaginative
  • Matured content

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  • Fallout 4: One Of The Best RPG Multiplayer Games Ps4

If you want an RPG, but have all the swords and sorcery absurdities, Fallout 4 should have been listed for your purchase. As every fan of Fallout knows, the game is in a nuclear apocalypse, where all the water puddles radiate in your skin and even the cockroaches kill. Well, if the game is anyway rubbish. It is one of the best Ps4 RPG games.

You wake up in one of the bunkers in the Vaults this time around to find your spouse killed and your son abducted. Though it took him 20 years before you woke up, you have to find him. Throw a lot of writing and the ability to build your small towns and you have an advantage. Like Skyrim, Fallout 4 VR is available for people with a headset in virtual reality.

Pros Of This Underrated Title:

  • Next-gen gaming
  • Intriguing gameplay
  • Creative guns and muzzles
  • Expanded freedom
  • Nier-Automata: Surprising Name In The List Of Best Ps4 RPG Games 2021

It’s fair to say that very few games like Nier are there following traffic with a Transformer, a cartwheel around a ballet-spewing tank powered by evil slower boats, and a mouse to buck your way around murdering robots. It’s a hack, an RPG, a shoot, a shoot, and even a text adventure at other times. But regardless of the theme, this dazzling hybrid delivers 30 hours of fun, wonderful space, and a strange tale, we doubt you’ll forget about it soon.

Nier: Automata occur in a bleak but astonishing futuristic dystopia where, following an alien invasion, mankind flowed to the Moon and left behind a military of androids to battle the more primitive yet prolific machinery of the aliens. Nier: This is a world in which lush green veils of ivy coils are stretched along the side of old plants, with around buildings and rising skyscrapers dominating the skyline.

The tale of abandoned superstructures among the overwhelmed remains is surreal and amusing, if quite dangerous. This tale is among the best RPG games Ps4.

Pros Of This High Adrenaline Game:

  • Great action
  • Long gameplay
  • Creative concept
  • Beautiful visuals

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  • Ghost Of Tsushima: Highly Addictive Title In The List Of Best Action RPG Games Ps4

The pitch of Tsushima’s Ghost sounds like a game in the beliefs of an assassin. This is a world-open action-style game with a real-world history plot. Jin Sakai is taken over, a samurai who is fighting the Mongols in their conquest of Japan in the 13th century. Where Ghost of Tsushima stands in unbelievable sword fights, however, from similar open-world adventure. The fight in the game is just amazing, using several tactics, devices, and learning strategies.

Certainly, this game will pull a bit to the middle, as it is among the best Ps4 RPG games 2021 that relies heavily on common sandbox tropes: collecting doodads, solving mild puzzles, riding everywhere on a horse. However, even though the game is broad it is still admirably complex and it can be adapted to your character in several ways. It also has a decent history of honor, duty, and sacrifice—all themes suitable for a samurai tale.

Pros Of This Samurai Action Title:

  • Visual masterpiece
  • 13th-century storyline
  • Great action
  • Tranquil soundtrack
  • Elden Ring: One Of The Best RPG Games Ps4

FromSoftware is a very large developer studio, the notorious Souls franchise has been published. The game series is not only tough but also immensely successful, and the next major video game release, Elden Ring, has a hype. This latest action RPG under the leadership of the game Hidetaka Miyazaki is being produced here. 

Similarly, another trustworthy name has brought some fans into this game and the author is George R.R. Martin, who is taking a step to broaden the game. If the name is unfamiliar, the guy in charge of A Song of Ice and Fire adapted for the hit premium HBO, Game of the Thrones, is George R.R. Martin. Elden Ring is a highly anticipated name in the list of best Ps4 RPG games out now.

When created by the developer of the Souls series, you can expect some difficult struggles, but it looks like there are some places in this game that FromSoftware hopes are not present in previous games, such as by mounting to cross the country. Currently, we have to wait in the dark, but we hope this game, which is intended for the console platforms Xbox One and PlayStation 4, will be launched in 2021.

Pros Of This Poetic Title:

  • Ambitious gameplay
  • Viking settings
  • High sheer volume
  • Anticipatory boss fights
  • Dragon Quest XI: Visually Stunning Addition In The List Of Best RPG Multiplayer Games Ps4

Quest XI: Echoes of the Elusive Age is an energetic, elegant, and distilled epic that takes conventional dungeons and refines the formula masterfully. On the surface, after the previous Dragon Quest X deviation into MMO territory, Dragon Quest XI appears to be a simple return to the RPG format for a single player. 

However, this simplicity is an intentionally constructed facade that melts in the huge, complex world after a while. Quest is not easy – it is pure. Quest is not simple. The battles of Dragon Quest XI show that turn-based battles are nail-biting. The enormous menage of monsters is special in any battle, and players are eager to see different kinds of enemies just to see what they are doing.

Dragon Quest XI is just one huge, lovely treasure-filled dungeon, almost endlessly stretched in every direction of best RPG games ps4, all against a banging orchestral setting. One of the true joys of Dragon Quest XI is the sheer extent of useful equipment dispersed around waiting to be found. Many of these secret objects are unusual crafts that can be combined with strong appliances.

Pros Of This Visually Appealing Masterpiece:

  • Great combat
  • Visually appealing
  • Immersive storyline
  • Difficult gameplay

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Expand Your Shelf With Best RPG Games Ps4

The choice of the best PS4 games is no special trick. It all comes down to the genres that you like best. Many of the best games in the world, including God from Battle, Horizon Zero Dawn, Ratchet & Clank, and Spider-Man, have been forged. Many of these games have elements from the open-world to; many are more linear. Whatever the way, you’re almost guaranteed to get something positive if you play a first-party, third-party game.

In addition, no foolproof method or special tricks are available. Find an interesting game, read its summary, find any feedback, and see if you can get a good price. New games are more costly than previous ones, which means you can easily make your library by concentrating on older titles if you have not played many of these games before. Or you could buy long games that are going to last you for some time to move on. 

Open-world games are typically longer than linear games. We hope that this article helped you in acknowledging the best RPG games Ps4. These games are worth at least one try by highly enthusiastic gamers.

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