Best Places To Live In California For Leading Quality Life

Best Places To Live In California

Many Californians have encountered major problems after the worst ever wildfire season and the economic impact of COVID-19 in 2020. Despite these challenges, California still provides a chance for dreamers to hunt down Hollywood, setting up benchmark Silicon Valley tech businesses and seeking methods to buy into the world’s fifth-largest economy.

You could be one of many who are thinking about moving to California. While your thoughts could be the pinnacle of living in the Golden State to go to Los Angeles or San Francisco initially, many more subways might be thought of as a home call. We have identified the 14 greatest locations to live in California, drawn from 150 U.S. metro regions that are the most populated, taking into consideration of affordability, labor market, excellent access to and desirability as well as other criteria.

California gives everything anyone desires when they wake up, in addition to professional options, to a good quality of life.

Best Places To Live In California

Let us begin our list of the best places to live in California:

1. Sacramento: Leading The List Of Best Places To Live In California

The state capital has taken one of the highest ranks in California’s annual news outlets. This report incorporates several variables, such as good value, attractiveness, the labor market, and living quality. And this bustling city, around 90 km from the Federal Republic of France, certainly reviews every box for San Franciscan ardent lovers of their food and culture.

The major attraction here is the majestic California State Capitol in the style of the California Classical Revival and all government structures in the center of the town with a Gold Rush legacy and more than a hundredth of a century of history as the State Capital.

This town, though, is far more than political. In Sacramento (AKA Sactown), a booming arts scene can also be found. During your time on food, people talk about Magpie Cafe for the finest brunch, while Track 7 Brewing displays outstanding skills from Sactown.

It is also located on the junction of the Sacramento and the American rivers, which means access to the river and a fantastic whitewater rafting scene. Sacramento offers a very good environment. It is also one of the best places to live in California for bikers.

best places to live in northern california

2. Los Angeles: One Of The Best Places To Live In California

No surprise, California is high on the list of San Franciscans’ searches for sun, sand, and milder weather in San Francisco. Los Angeles is the most desired city to live in with Honolulu and Colorado Springs (of 150 metro stops on the list), according to a poll by SurveyMonkey, says U.S. News.

The City of Angels may sound like our arch-foe; it’s a perfect decision to move about since it is a secondary cuisine, art, entertainment, and outdoor scene. While house rent and pricing aren’t cheap, for your money 400 miles south of SF you may still receive far more. The median home price is $525,762 according to American news, with people paying roughly 30 percent of their household income, yet LA’s wages are more than average. And if you are looking to rent, you might consider to find a roommate in LA and lower your housing costs even further.

And as many as we may believe, LA’s not only the film and TV business, it’s all Hollywood and celebrity. Kaiser Permanente and the University of California are other important employers. It is one of the best places to live in California with kids.

best affordable places to live in california

3. San Diego: Comes Among The Best Places To Live In California On A Budget

San Diego is the first place Europeans explored and established on today’s West Coast, sometimes called the birthplace of California. Sunny days, great weather, and closeness to a beach make this coastal city the sixth most desired spot, according to U.S. news reports, to reside in the United States. It is also a significant tourist destination with large attractions such as the Balboa Park, the San Diego Zoo, and SeaWorld.

Fun fact: the main airport in San Diego is the world’s largest one-way airport. In non-COVID times, folks are excited about Gaslamp downtown’s top-class nightlife, including lots of pubs and clubs. It is one of the best places to live in California.

These days, beaches and park areas are the major attractions: pick among the walking paths overlooking the Pacific River at the Torrey Pines State Reserve. Also, you want to get on a bike and sail through the tony area of La Jolla.

best places to live in southern california

4. Greater Lake Tahoe Area: One Of The Best Places In California To Live

Lake Tahoe is just as fascinating as the images make it appear with crystal-clear blue waters surrounded by mountains everywhere. The untouched jewel of North America’s biggest alpine lake and the second deepest in the United States (next to Crater Lake), between California and Nevada, was formed over two million years ago by glaciers.

This is an excellent place for outdoor enthusiasts with many virtually year-round activities, from skiing and snowshoeing in winter to spring, summer, and autumn hiking and mountain biking. Only 3 hours east of San Francisco (without traffic), this area is unusual in terms of its proximity to a large metropolis as well as its universe.

Although the South Shore is a well-known second-home paradise, in recent years the South Shore has developed as a destination for weekend warriors and a new group of natives moving from areas such as the Bay Area. Increasing house sales amid the epidemic are encouraging evidence that the Greater Lake Tahoe region is one of the heaters of the state. Due to its weather, it is one of the best places to live in California for families.

best places to live in california cheap

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5. Santa Rosa: One Of The Best Places To Live In California Cheap

In the 1850s, the Wells Fargo station and the local shop placed Santa Rosa on the plane, and today, the lovely public plaza in the center. Located 55 miles (55 miles) north of SF, it’s near enough for commuters in the Bay Area (since there are not many major workers outside the wine sector).

Santa Rosa is a wonderful choice if you are searching for an environment in the center of a tiny town. Living here means access to the cool air, to the farm to the table, and to all the wine that your heart wants. At the Russian River Brewing Company, all visitors and residents rush to some of the greatest beer, on the weekends, so keep the eye on news about reopening plans as the COVID limits make it easy.

Although Napa and Sonoma cannot be commanded by the ridiculous costs, it is still in the heart of the Wine Country and is classified as 7 out of 10 by for affordability. But you will certainly discover anything fitting to the bill if you’re used to rentals in San Francisco. This is one of the best cheap places to live in California.

best places in california to live

6. Santa Cruz: One Of The Best Places To Live In California With Liberal Environment

In the late 1700s, Santa Cruz was initially a Spanish colony, like most of California, but until in the late 19th century it was developed as an attractive vacation village. Today is a bohemian beach atmosphere, relaxed back lifestyle, and extremely liberal leanings surfer’s paradise.

A move to this beach or weekend trip, a visit to the famed boardwalk on Santa Cruz Beach (dated from 1907), is a must. It’s a necessity. There are presently open outside games and food booths, so pick up some sauce and try your hand at a ring toss. UC Santa Cruz, a leading educational and research facility, is located in Santa Cruz.

Since the 1980s, it is also a technology center and start-up culture is alive here very strongly. This is one of the best places to live in Southern California.

best rural places to live in california

7. Fresno: One Of The Best Places To Live In California With Rural Touch

In the San Joaquin Valley, about a two-hour driving from the coast, Fresno is ranking number 142 on the total Best Places to Live List. Fresno is most recognized for its relationship to agriculture, with fruits like tomatoes and peaches among the commonest crops, similar to many rural regions in California. This is one of the best affordable places to live in California.

Many people do not have to drive far for work because the Fresno average shuttle time is just 22.6 minutes, 4 minutes shorter than their average national journey time. Although $261,233 is more than the national median of $232,933, the typical house price for Fresno is still significantly cheaper than in many regions of California according to Zillow.

best places to live in california for families

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8. Salinas: Highly Rated In The List Of Best And Cheapest Places To Live In California

With less than 500,000 inhabitants calling the region home, Salinas is located along the Pacific Coast and is one of the smallest California subway areas on the list. Whilst the city of Salinas is not situated immediately at the shore, many visitors and inhabitants are also attracted by other areas of the metro, like Monterey.

Inhabitants are satisfied wherever they dwell, with Salinas in second place to the Gallup National Health and Well-Being Index of the 150 most populous metro areas in America, asking residents, among other data, about their general satisfaction, community pride and security (Naples, Florida, ranks No. 1 in the index). This is one of the best places to live in Northern California.

best places to live in california on a budget

9. Santa Barbara: Tourist Favourite For One Of The Best Place To Live In Central California

Santa Barbara fell to No. 104 for 2020-2021, after No. 73 of the overall best places to live in 2019. Whilst the area has known to have happy citizens and residents enjoy a short overnight commute of just 19.8 minutes based on the Gallup National Health and Welfare Index, it is not easy for individuals living here in California due to the ever-growing costs of the Santa Barbara Metro region.

The living cost in Santa Barbara needs a medium-size household income of 29.53 percent, making it the fourth-largest location on the list of 150 subway stations. This is one of the best places to live in California with kids.

the best places to live in california

10. Vallejo & Fairfield: One Of The Best Places To Live In California On A Budget

In the North-east of San Francisco, the Vallejo and Fairfield Metro area is well known for the proximity to good health care, based on data from the ranking of the best hospitals in the U.S. Newspapers, and because the Gallup National Health and Wellness Index reports residents satisfaction with living in the region.

However, the average daily commute in the Vallejo and Fairfield metro is 32.6 minutes and the fifth-longest commute from the most populated 150 metro regions in the U.S. is 26.72 percent of the middle family incomes. This is one of the best places to live in California.

best places to live in central california

11. Bakersfield: Highly Rated In The List Of Best Rural Places To Live In California

One exception to your California rule is Bakersfield, which, according to immobilizing brokerage Redfin, was only priced at $286,500 on average in early December of 2020. Many people use the affordable immobilization of the city. Although the population has been dwindling in many high-priced towns in the state, Bakersfield is on a stable growth path, states the State Finance Department.

The oil sector is the backbone of the economy, while Dignity Health and the Bakersfield Memorial Hospital provide possibilities for healthcare. It is one of the best places to live in California for families.

best places to live in california with kids

12. Stockton: One Of The Best Cheap Places To Live In California

Stockton has access to everything from Japanese grocery stores to America’s first Sikh temple, home to a varied community of more than 300,000 people. Compared to some of California’s other Metro regions, Stockton’s comparatively inexpensive living costs attract many new residents, yet it’s not unusual to see a familiar face along its renowned Miracle Mile restaurant and shopping area. The pleasant, sunny weather in Stockton is also available to locals.

The Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta flows straight through Stockton, giving it first place for water activities and boating. It’s a two-hour drive from the main beaches (Santa Cruz and the Monterey Bight) and ski areas and is a few minute’s drives from Stockton (Kirkwood and Bear Valley). Stockton is one of the best places in California to live.

best and cheapest places to live in california

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13. Modesto: Comes In The Best Places To Live in Southern California

Modesto, California, draws those who seek the balance produced by a vibrant cultural hub in the middle of peaceful areas. The city center provides several entertainment venues, both huge and intimate, from concerts to comedy shows. In the residential neighborhoods, some renowned animators such as filmmaker George Lucas and the actors Jeremy Renner and

Timothy Olyphant lived at home in their youth. The prosperous crops and pleasant weather of the region have affected the landscape everywhere. Neighborhoods are bordered by beautiful old trees, and several parks offer calm walking and jogging facilities. Modesto also lies in farms that feed lettuce, grapes, almonds, and milk products to the nation and the globe. It is also one of the best places to live in California cheap.

best places to live in northern california

14. Visalia: One Of The Best Places To Live In Northern California

Smack dab lies in Porterville and Visalia, in the center of California’s Central Valley. While both cities are about 30 miles from one other, they offer diverse restaurants, flourishing companies, and numerous shopping possibilities. Living in Porterville and Visalia provides a vast variety of recreations, education, culture, and entertainment with larger towns like Fresno and Bakersfield around an hour away.

The streets of Porterville are lined with military banners commemorating those that have served in the armed services and masses of people are drawn to the annual Veterans Day Parade. A tiny town with the impression of a major metropolis, Visalia hosts many art festivals. This will surely come on the list of the best affordable places to live in California.

best places to live in california on a budget

Don’t Think Twice Before Shifting To Best Places To Live In California

Whether you want to spend a weekend or maybe move somewhere, six of California’s top destinations outside the Bay Area are located here. Once you know where to call home, you need to find out which mortgage lender provides the best conditions for your big relocation.

We hope this article on the best places to live in California helped you in sorting your priorities.

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