Best live news app for Smart phones

  Best live news app for Smart phones

Typically, one of the grand disadvantages of canceling TV cables has been the accessibility of news from more sources. Users will get 24 hours news channels by paying for Sling TV or Hulu + live TV. Anyways, it is not always convenient to explore free news channels to watch. Fortunately, the circumstances have changed in modern years. Here is several free best live news app some provide news of word conglomerates and some other apps provide niche news gatherers.


NewsOn is available on Roku, Amazon Fire, Android TV, and Chromecast. The app is only available within America’s borders because it is a United States service.  Its main focus is on local news channels in the country. Recently, it provide approximately 170 local stations from 113 cities of America and towns, thus extending 84 % population. Formerly, seven grand American stations of TV owners backed the app (Cox Media Group, ABC Owned Television Station, Hearst Television, Media General, plus Raycom Media, Hubbard Broadcasting, and Sinclair Broadcasting). Fortunately, ABC hauls its channels from the service in January 2020. Users can pick the latest categories according to their interest and can enjoy a chronic feed of newscasts, clips that match with the choice of user. Love feeds can be watched on 170 channels if you like to watch more traditional news.


Newsy is available on Amazon Fire, Android TV, Apple TV, Roku, and Chromecast. This news channel makes personal content instead of acting as a middleman for an already existing news channel. The aim purpose of this channel is to facilitate the user by providing news, science, health, politics, entertainment, technology, business, and sports. The organization takes small kinds of notes of news and user cannot explore any long investigation or deep analysis. Newsy simply takes the headline of breaking news and part them into a digestible piece of two or three minutes. After selecting favorite categories and locales, this live news app will keep lining up the short clips for users to watch. Newsy also dignifies itself for not behaving for favoritisms that is quite rare in the media industry. The purpose of Newsy is to cover numerous sides of each story and also provide fair and balanced coverage.

Sky News:

Sky News is available on Android, Apple, iOS, Android TV, Roku, Chromecast, and web. This is one of the grand channels of distribution of free live news.  The application of Sky News is available on almost every platform and users can tune it even outside the UK.  It provides a mixture of content rolling and standalone news-themed shows. Under the ownership of Rupert Murdoch and later FOX SkyNews was charged with the bias in 1990 and 2000. Nowadays it possesses by Comcast and recently prestigious holder “Royal Television Society News Channel of the year” in Britain.

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