QloudHost Review – Best DMCA Ignored Hosting Provider Over The Internet

Hey!! Are you facing issues because you are not able to protect your identity or privacy on the internet? If yes, then you are in the best place possible because we were also facing similar problems!! So yeah, we can understand your situation and assure you to provide the best solution possible. 

But how? See!! As we told you, we were also going through some issues due to our business’s privacy leak. So we decided to shift our business to DMCA ignored hosting servers but finding the best one in the market is like finding a needle in a haystack!! 

But thanks to one of our colleagues who recommended us QloudHost, we have been using it from the last two months and here in this QloudHost review, we will share with you our personal experience with its service’s quality. 

So without wasting any time, let’s get started!! 

About QloudHost

QloudHost is one of those DMCA ignored web hosting providers which offers its services with best-in-class server infrastructure and high-quality security standards to ensure you can enjoy your website on the internet without losing your privacy. 

But why do they let’s you stay anonymous on the internet? Well because they support freedom of speech and right to privacy that’s they also ensure that you can post all your desired content on your website with untraceable footprints!! 

Offshore hosting provider vs DMCA ignored hosting provider 

See!! As like you, we were also confused about both terms hence we researched on this topic deeply to analyse whether they both are the same or different services. And astonishingly, we didn’t find any technical difference between an offshore hosting provider and DMCA ignored hosting provider. 

But yeah!! Despite both creates their servers in DMCA ignored countries, offshore hosting providers are called by the word offshore because their servers are located far from your origin countries. Otherwise, there is no significant difference between both the terms!! 

Key Features of QloudHost

Well, hopefully, you have understood the differences. Now coming back to our review!! Here in this section we will discuss some of its key features that provide you exact idea of whether it will suit your website or not. 

100% DMCA ignored services: QloudHost has built their servers on the best offshore locations or DMCA ignored locations that are in the Netherlands so that you can stay safe against any kind of DMCA notice. 

Fully privacy assurance: Apart from their servers they also minimise your identity so that no one can trace you back!! 

Robust server infrastructure: QloudHost has equipped its servers with the latest and high-quality server hardware to ensure you can get optimum performance for your website. 

Free website migration:  if you are not happy with your existing service provider, then you can immediately migrate your website( upto 5GB) to their quality servers without any additional charges!!

Customer Support

In addition to the quality features they have also created a dedicated team of technical experts which works 24*7 to support you at every stage of your journey and ensure you can experience a smooth and unhindered performance. 

You can contact to their technical team anytime via the mentioned modes:

  • Live chat 
  • Ticket 
  • Email 

Along with that they have also created an extensive knowledge base which you can use to get an instant solution of your problem on your own.  

Pros and Cons

Despite we have found everything till here to be great, still not everything can be only good right? That’s why we mentioned some of its major pros and cons that will provide you the complete picture of its quality. 


  • Fully DMCA ignored servers 
  • No content restriction 
  • 100% privacy assurance
  • Excellent customer support 


  • No call support available  

Plans and prices 

We have attached an image of their price and plans, so check out to understand their service’s worth. 


Is QloudHost reliable?

Yes, definitely QloudHost provides one of the most affordable DMCA ignored hosting plans that you can afford easily!! Plus in terms of performance, they provide you services with 99.9% uptime guarantee. So yeah they are reliable!!

Does QloudHost provide hosting for Windows platforms?

Yes, you can choose any of your desired operating systems for your website, all thanks to their resilient servers which allows you to do so!! 

How Do I Choose the Best DMCA Ignored Hosting plan?

It depends upon your website niche and types. For example, if you are running a blogging or business website then we will recommend you to go with either their offshore VPS or dedicated servers. 

Can my offshore plan be upgraded at a later time?

Yes, you can upgrade your hosting plan anytime as per your wish because they provide full flexibility for upgrading your plans anytime! 


 Overall while ending this QloudHost review we would like to tell you that it no matter what website you are running or planning to start, whether it is a blogging website, video streaming website or any kind DMCA ignored website, QloudHost provides bundled up everything for you!! 

And one more thing, you may find us a little fan of QloudHost while reading this review but believe it such has been the experience!! So what are you waiting for try out their services and enjoy 100% privacy on the internet.

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