Beautify Your Home Interiors with Modern-Style Mirrors

Nowadays, it is necessary to focus more on aesthetics while decorating the interiors of your dream abode. Gone were the days when mirrors were used as an essential component of dressing rooms. As per the latest interior decoration trends, people are placing modernistic hanging wall mirrors in multiple corners of the home to add an appeal to it. 

From the washroom to the dressing room and living rooms to bedrooms, wall mirrors are becoming an excellent interior decoration accessory. If you plan to redefine how your personal space looks, give it a shot at the following most popular wall mirror designs.

  • Mallawi Wall Mirror: This type of mirror seeks inspiration from the Jellyfish. The design combines animated textures and shapes in contrast colors for attractive aesthetics. Moreover, the subtle finishing with a hint of Scandinavian flair noticeably redecorates the living space. Generally, the Mallawi wall mirrors are made in colors such as gold and beige for a classic appearance. 
  • Oriel Wall Mirror: If you like the old-age charm of wooden mirrors with a twist of various designs, the Oriel wall mirror will be the ideal pick. It contains a fine wooden framing of premium-quality or metal finishing. One can get this mirror designed in styles ranging from fashionable to vintage. Moreover, the Oriel wall mirror comes in diverse sizes to perfectly complement the home interiors. 
  • Cartwheel Wall Mirror: This ultra-stylish piece of wall art has a small mirror in the middle of brazen rays. Being circular in size, the cartwheel wall mirror flaunts a messy yet elegant design alongside sharp edges. The spherical style of this mirror infuses uniqueness into the décor. Likewise, the subtle pastel colors will bring a floral charm into the living space. 
  • Annett Wall Mirror: If you require a mirror of considerable size but with a stylish touch, the Annett wall mirror will be perfect for you. This contemporary mirror reflects a floral-inspired elegance in eye-soothing colors. With a messy yet high-precision design, this mirror is handcrafted to excellence. The round shape surrounded with flower-embedded edges will beautifully transform the space. 

Factors to Consider before Selecting a Wall Mirror

  • Size: One of the most crucial aspects is the size of the mirror. For example, the living room or bedroom requires a mirror of full length to accentuate the aesthetics. On the other hand, circular-shaped and miniature mirrors are more suitable for the washrooms. 
  • Shape/Style: Select the shape or style of the wall mirror as per the other accessories or furniture present in that particular space. Likewise, the minimalistic wall mirrors with wooden frames work well for the simple interiors. On the other hand, the ornate mirrors are great for adding a contemporary touch to the space. 
  • Frame Design: The wall mirrors’ grace is defined by the frame design incorporated. Generally, a majority of interior enthusiasts consider the wooden frame. However, one can also try metal frames in textures design. If you want to keep things simple, the retro frame designs with vintage touch will work for you. Contrarily, the loud yet stylish frames are suitable for modernistic interiors. 


Undeniably, the circular-shaped and fashionable mirrors are gaining immense popularity as influential wall art. For maximum beautification effect, select the color of the mirror frame that matches with the wall color and other décor accessories. Most importantly, get hanging wall mirrors from reliable sources for best-quality and long-lasting applications. 

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