Be ready to rock with your hair- hair transplant!

hair transplant

Try your best to achieve a perfect body shape! Whenever we think about our body the first thing that always comes to mind is – beauty. Everyone wants a beautiful body with beautiful features. And this is not so difficult to attain, just some of your efforts and you are all set to shine with your body. Many people want a perfect shape of their body if they are not satisfied with the shape of their nose, ears, or any features. Don’t make a clear mind that all these problems are not going to be solved. You can easily make all these features according to your desires. Thanks to cosmetic surgery because we can easily go for any of our body part surgery and make it satisfied according to us!

We know that a beautiful body is complete with long shiny hairs. Our enhancement of beauty lies in our hair. So, we can say that hairs are one of the most prominent parts of our whole look. We all desire natural good looking hair. But is it possible to have hair according to us? No, because of today, we don’t have this much time to look after our hair and give them proper care. As we know many people are suffering from hair loss, hair fall, big bald patch problems, and also they take a lot of parlors treatments and home remedies but no effect they can see. But stop this now! Because you don’t know if it might make your hair fall in worse condition. Don’t wait for long, just consult your doctor for a “hair transplant”.

What is a hair transplant procedure?

Hair transplant is the process of removing the excess hair from any part of the body and taking it as a donor. After that, they will insert into our skull as a recipient. The procedure does take sittings according to your hair and treatments.

For good results, you first have to consult your doctor and have to be calm at the time of surgery. Because hair transplant is time-consuming so your efforts towards time will surely give you the best results.

Hair transplant- is it painful?

The most prominent and common question every person wants to know. Hair transplant is not at all a painful procedure because the team of medical staff will give you local anesthesia and your skull will become numb so you can’t feel any pain

You may observe some of the pain after the surgery but if you are in the hands of the right doctor then you will be available with proper medications.

hair transplant cost in Ludhiana

A hair transplant is not at all an expensive procedure. Surely you have spent a lot on other treatments and home remedies too but now it’s time to invest your money in a good place and be ready to give your hair a new life. It depends upon the number of grafts but for the 1000 grafts, the cost is Rs. 30000 – Rs. 40000.

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