What is Baldness In Females And Its Treatment Options


Female pattern baldness, also named androgenetic alopecia, is hair loss that distresses women. It’s alike to male pattern hairlessness, apart from that females can lose their hair in a diverse outline than males. Hair loss in females is regular, particularly as you age. Up to two-thirds of females experience hair loss after their menstrual cycle stops.

Both men and women suffer from the hair loss problem equally. While many men find hair loss devastating, many women deal with thinning hair on a more subtle basis. In some cases, baldness can lead to self-consciousness and anxiety. This is unfortunate because thinning hair can be an early sign of aging, and in the case of men, it can signal the onset of male pattern baldness. While hair loss treatments for men are widely publicized, very few are aware of the available options for women.

There are two primary forms of hair loss treatments for women: scalp reduction and low-level laser therapy. These treatments can be very effective. Low-level laser therapy is used to treat male pattern baldness, while scalp reduction is often used to treat female baldness. Although hair loss treatments for women tend to be less well-known than their male counterparts, they can also be very successful.

Scalp Reduction Procedures Fall Into Two Categories

  • Micro therapy and grafting
  • Micro-Therapy

Micro therapy uses lasers to stimulate hair follicles. It is often used for areas of little volumes, such as the front of the head or the crown. In contrast, grafting involves taking individual hairs from each area of the scalp and transplanting them into the balding areas.

Low-Level Laser Therapy

Most hair loss treatments for women fall into the category of low-level laser therapy. Low-level laser therapy is one of the most effective hair loss treatments for female hair loss. The technology behind low-level laser therapy makes it particularly efficient at stimulating hair growth. Because low-level laser therapy does not require lasers of high energies, it has fewer side effects than many other hair loss treatments.

See a Licensed Expert

If you are interested in low-level laser therapy as one of your hair loss treatments for female pattern baldness, it’s important that you see a licensed professional who can perform the procedure for you. This procedure requires years so experience and professionalism so, always be careful to choose the right doctor before going the laser treatment.  Although lasers have been around for a long time, not everyone can get the treatment done using lasers.

Even if you are eligible, you may experience some side effects with low-level laser therapy. If you experience an adverse reaction to the lasers, you should consult online doctor uk free chat immediately. While serious side effects are uncommon, some people can have an allergic reaction, difficulty breathing, or a rash after low-level laser therapy but the symptom could fade with the passage of time.

Take Expert Opinion

There are many hair restoration treatments for female pattern baldness available today. If you would like to try one or more of these options, talk to your doctor to find out which treatment would be best for your situation and provide you the desired results without compromising your health. It’s important to remember that even though these methods are natural and effective, they are not a permanent solution and some can even have a long term impact on your health so, better to take expert opinion at first before proceeding further. You will need to remember that your hair will eventually thin out again, and the only real permanent solution is a hair transplant. It will be a permanent option but cost you some handsome sum.

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