Bad Habits That Can Cause Chronic Back Pain

Medical practitioners claim that nearly 80% of the population suffers from back pain at some point in their lives. Back pain is the fifth most common reason people frequently visit their physicians. For that reason, you should develop habits that will lower back and neck pain. Your daily habits might often cause back and neck pain over time.


It might not seem related to your spine, but it can still lead to back pain if you leave that unattended. Educate yourself about the lifestyle habits that will prevent back pain.


Eating a Well-Balanced Diet

Following a well-rounded diet is the simplest way to avoid putting unnecessary strain on your body and maintain a healthier weight. If you keep eating processed or spicy meals, you’ll be putting your nervous system in danger, which causes back pain. Nutritious meals are rich in whole grains, dairy products, lean meats, fruits, and vegetables.


Eating these will keep your digestive system functioning correctly. If that part of your body is working correctly, it’ll help maintain your spine in good shape because your insides and outside are in harmony. Most patients who complain of chronic lower back pain also suffer from irritated bowels, based on a survey.


Maintaining Proper Posture

Modern-day office employees tend to sit on their desks for hours, further inducing their habit of slouching over their smartphones when texting or computers. Many don’t think about the damage it can do and the pain these habits can be causing. To maintain your proper posture, you’ll have to sit at an ergonomically positioned workstation.


That’ll be helpful both in the office and at home. Break up long hours in front of desktop computers and do some stretching exercises. If you do that, you’ll maintain the natural curves of your spine, keeping it in good condition.


Quitting Vices Like Smoking

Many are aware that smoking causes the dangers of developing cancers, heart disease, and other chronic conditions, including colon and lung cancers. But most don’t realize that it can also cause chronic back pain. One study shows that smoking can make your existing back pain more painful.


Most practitioners haven’t shown how smoking affects your spine’s condition, but they claim that it narrows the blood vessels. Narrowed blood vessels can lead to fewer nutrients and oxygen, forcing your body to be more vulnerable to any injuries. It’ll also slow down your overall recovery period.


Not Minding Stressful Days

Many people ignore how stress affects their bodies. High-stress levels will force your muscles to stiffen and put constant tension that causes lower back pain. Doing regular activities that help reduce stress will help alleviate back pain, including guided imagery, Tai Chi, deep breathing, biofeedback, meditation, or yoga.


Getting the Proper Position

Don’t lay flat on your back. One of the best positions is sleeping sideways. If you tend to sleep on your stomach area, provide support for that area. Use a pillow to minimize the stress it places on the spine. Besides, using a supportive pillow and mattress will also be helpful. Having enough sleep is also beneficial in maintaining a healthier body. If you work out regularly, you’ll get deeper sleep at night.


Having a Workout Program

Getting up and moving around are two of the most helpful lifestyle habits you’ll have to develop if you want to ease back pain. Your muscles need to move. If you aren’t in good condition, you’ll more likely get injured and suffer from chronic pain when doing simple chores, like lifting something heavy.


Having a regular workout and effective back pain treatment will also keep your joints fluid. You can also lose extra weight by working out regularly. Being overweight, especially around the abdomen, will place more pressure on your back.


Increasing Vitamin Intake

You can reduce the risks of osteoporosis by keeping your bones in good condition. In turn, it’ll lower the cases of back pain, especially in women. Keep your bones and spine in good condition by taking the right vitamins and nutrients. You can find calcium in vitamin supplements, leafy greens, yogurt, and milk. On the other hand, you can find Vitamin D in beef liver, egg yolks, and fatty fish.


Not Slumping Over the Desk

If you’re sitting at your desk for hours, make sure to use the same posture techniques when standing. Maintain good posture and support your back when sitting down, especially if you’re slumping over the desk for hours. Use a high-quality chair that will support your back firmly. When sitting down, the knees have to be higher than the hips.


Improving your lifestyle will help you lower the dangers of back pain; however, meet with your physician if you’re already experiencing the earliest symptoms of back pain. It can be an early indicator of more severe conditions.

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