At What Age Does a Man Stop Getting a Hard-on?

Any person can suffer from libido and sex performance. Many males suffer worldwide from the problem of erectile dysfunction. In ED the male finds it hard to get an erection. ED can happen if the flow of the blood in the vital organ gets limited and nerves are harmed. ED can also happen due to emotional or stress issues. The signs like high blood pressure, diabetes, hardening of arteries, and high blood sugar can result in ED. The diagnosis of erectile dysfunction is done by the medical doctor. The doctor will advise you to take Tadalafil Vidalista 20. You must inform the doctor about your vascular health and heart health.

ED is quite common as the age of the male’s increases. Certain males stay sexually active at the age of 80 but some people also don’t stay active. Finding the right treatment for ED is the solution. Various medicines can be taken such as Sildenafil. The doctor says that the younger the male the better is the sex function. Around 40 percent of males suffer from ED at 40 and 70 percent of males get ED Medicne Like Cenforce 100.

How does erection function?

At the time of sexual arousal, the chemicals get released that enhance the flow of the blood. The flow of the blood gets into the spongy muscle tissue or chambers. The tissue gets relaxed and traps blood. The increased blood pressure results in an erection. At the time of orgasm, the nerve signals come to the penis and cause the tissues to contract and release the blood. When you are not aroused then the penis is limp and soft. The size may vary with worry, cold, and warmth.

Signs of getting hard on

It is quite hard to get an erection when you have depression, low self-esteem, and relationship issues. ED is the warning sign of heart disease telling the blockage in the vascular system. Certain clinical research has shown that ED can cause stroke, heart attack, and other circulatory issues in the legs. There is a treatment for ED, you can go to the doctor and he will ask you to take Fildena 100.


ED can result from emotional reasons, health issues, and both. Certain risk factors are Being over 50 years of age, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high cardiovascular disease, smoking, and alcohol use, obesity, and lack of exercise.

Physical causes of ED

ED occurs:

  • There is no sufficient flow of the blood in the penis- There are various health issues that decrease blood flow in penes like heart disease, hardened arteries, diabetes, and smoking.
  • The penis is not able to trap blood at the time of erection- if blood does not remain in the penis then the erection will not occur.
  • Nerve signals from the spinal cord and brain don’t reach the penis- There are some diseases like surgery of the pelvic region.
  • Diabetes that results in nerve damage
  • Cancer treatment near pelvic region- Radiation or cancer in the lower abdomen can result in ED. Treating colon-rectal, prostate, and bladder cancer can result in ED.
  • Medicines for treating health issues can affect erection

Emotional reasons for ED

Sex requires the body and mind to work together. Relationship issues can worsen ED if you have anxiety, depression, stress at work or home, relation conflicts, and stress from cultural, social, or religious conflicts. The doctor will ask you for a diagnosis, laboratory tests, and physical examination. You can go to a urologist. He will ask you about your lifestyle and health history. He will also ask you about your history of smoking, recreational drugs, alcohol intake, urinary issues, chemotherapy, and radiation.

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Important takeaways

There is no particular age to develop the problem of erectile dysfunction. However, age is directly proportional to ED. People at a younger age usually have high libido as compared with old people. The old people and working professionals are not required to go to the nearby chemist shop. They are required to just click on the medicine and place the order. The order will reach the shared address.

If you have ED then you must seek the doctor’s treatment. He will prescribe you take medicines and do lifestyle changes to improve the outcome of ED. Regular exercise is a must to reduce weight. So, you can place the order and you will get the free delivery.  The reduced intake of alcohol and tobacco must be encouraged.  Perform aerobic exercises and you will get genuine medicines.

Hence, you are advised to place order online from online medical store. The online pharmacy store doesn’t sell fake medicines. You will also get the information about the medicines through blogs and articles. You will get genuine medicines and there are a wide variety of medicines available online. So, take the treatment of erectile dysfunction from a licensed medical professional.

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