Astrology and its significance in childbirth


Marriage is considered complete when the child is born to the couple. The birth of a child helps to continue the family heritage. The birth of a couple’s children brings great joy to them, and their life revolves around raising the child to be a person of good value in life. 

However, there may be couples who cannot give birth to offspring. Predicting a child and pregnancy is part of Vedic astrology that helps expect a couple to give birth to offspring. To use horoscopes to herald the birth of a child, you need to investigate the horoscopes of both partners. Also, although no medical problems have been found, there are astrological treatments for childbirth problems.


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If you run into problems, you need to analyse the horoscopes of both partners at birth. The presence of Pitr Dosha associated with childbirth causes delays. The results are negative even after treatment. Astrology is a super science and you can ask astrologers about it; Medicine is based on this great science. It is necessary to analyse the strength of the second, fifth and tenth houses. For male children, The planets Sun and Jupiter and Mercury for female children are diagnosed. People with dates 1 and 3 are usually given boys. The presence of numbers 2, 5, and 6 provides a daughter. The presence of number 8 indicates a delay. The fact of 7 and 9 means cesarean delivery Or miscarriage.

Important planets for childbirth.

Jupiter: That’s the natural indicator of childbirth. Therefore, for all kinds of analysis related to offspring, it is necessary to evaluate the state of Jupiter by horoscope constantly. 

 Sun: The sun is the ruler of the fifth house of the natural zodiac. In addition, the sun is a planet of life and energy. The sun also plays a very important role. 

 Mars: Mars is the ruler of the eighth home of Scorpio in the natural zodiac. The eighth house is the genital house or the conception house. For humans, what is needed for reproduction is masculine energy. 

 Venus: This is another important planet because it represents the female genitals and the male species. It’s a planet of love. Therefore, all kinds of problems and weaknesses on Venus can make childbirth difficult.

The planet’s position in the child’s prediction Kendari helps determine if the person can achieve the child’s joy. Yogas is a combination of planets formed by a child’s horoscope and is based on certain Vedic rules and principles.


If the fifth house lord forms Lagna, or if the moon ascendant is in the right place and Jupiter is in the right place, then the children are lucky. 

-When Jupiter is in a strong position, and the Lagna lord is in the fifth home, it is a combination that makes an obedient child. 

-According to Pervedic Astrology, this is said to be a favourable position for the birth of a child when the owner of the fifth house is on his sign and the side of a disadvantaged planet or Sukhesh or Bhagyesh. 

In the case of a powerful Panchmesh in Kendari’s Lagna, 5th, 7th, or 9th home, not plagued by hostile planets, individuals are blessed with children. 

When the Lord of Lagna is in the fifth house and Jupiter is strong in horoscopes, a human child is considered Karak. 

-If any planet, Mercury, Venus, or the Moon, is present in Ekadashi, it brings childlike joy. If Aries, Taurus, or cancer is located in the fifth home, that person will also be blessed with children.


For prediction of childbirth

The fifth house and the fifth lord should be free from all illnesses. Evil planets like Rahu, Ketu, and Saturn should not be placed in the fifth house. Mercury is also not considered to be very advantageous in terms of childbirth. Therefore, the placement of Mercury needs to be carefully determined. 


You can predict the happiness of your children when the Fifth Lord is in the first home and vice versa. Children will succeed. By placing a fifth Lord in the second home, you can bless your children without much difficulty. Suffering-free Trikon homes like the 5th Lord or 4th home, 7th, 11th, 10th, 9th homes of Kendra’s home are considered good and need to predict a benign birth there is.



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