Apex Legends Patch Notes: Things To Check Out In 1.68 Patch

Apex Legends Patch Notes

The new Apex Legends Update 1.68 has been released and several updates have been made and corrected. It’s the first update that was released after Season 9. As a result, all players in this game want to know the updates and new features.

Yes, Respawn was looking at Bocek and Spitfire, and they are now much less powerful in combat, meaning you might need to rethink your weapons loadout, and maybe we have to edit the Arenas arms level chart.

At the beginning of a new season, Apex Legends normally pushes out a large update – this is when they disclose all the capabilities of a new character or introduce a completely different map. However, each season, we will keep you informed about smaller changes. Changes big or small will keep things fresh, and future patch notes can allow us to take a look at Apex Legends Arena when the game is in formats other than royal war.

Apex Legends Patch Notes

The Apex Legends latest patch notes fixed various bugs that were consistent in season 9. So, let us break this latest Apex Legends patch notes and see what is majorly improved now in the game:

  • Fixed a player-empty error (“Index array 1 is not available”).
  • Arena matches will end if the enemy team doesn’t have any players left.
  • Now, Arenas can more consistently track “time survived”.
  • The “Apex legends” screen transition with incorrect textures can sometimes no longer be shown.
  • Models in the lobby for low-detail players.
  • Valkyrie’s passiveness no longer emphasizes non-living and/or spectator mode matches.
  • When using his jet pack, Bloodhound is no longer able to see Valkyrie’s Tracking Markers. This is a temporary step towards stability—this will be restored in the future.
  • An error addressed by moving from one page to another between Arenas stats and Battle Royale statistics has been addressed by a stats page.
  • The Valkyrie promo picture now guides players properly to the in-game store.
  • Gains in general stability.

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Weapon Adjustments In Latest Apex Legends Patch Notes

There were various weapons adjustments, fixing the bugs that were disturbing the players from Apex Legends patch notes season 3. These Apex Legends patch notes are:

1. Spitfire Adjustment In This Apex Legends Patch Notes

Damage to a bullet has been reduced from 19 > 18 Purple / Gold mag from 55 > 50.

2. Bocek Adjustment Of The Apex Legends Patch Notes Season 8

  • Body shot damage was reduced by max load from 70>60.
  • The time for charging increased from 0.54 to 0.56.
  • Tempo upload time increased from 0.32 > 0.38 Deadeye.
  • The height of the stack declined from 16>14, slot count declined from 48>28.

Apex Legends Patch Notes Lost Treasure

We are covering the Apex Legends patch notes today with the latest changes in arena mode.

  • All Apex Legends Arenas mode details (Including news on Apex Legends Arenas ranks).
  • Bocek Bow’s latest weapon this year.
  • And Valk, the new Apex Legends entry.

Apex Legends Update 1.42 Patch Notes For Starter Kit

In the Apex Legends lost treasure patch notes, the biggest improvement is, every player begins with a single helmet, armor, knockdown shield, two shield cells, and two syringes. In addition, the loot pool will no longer be fitted with helmets and knockdown barriers, with EVO shields less likely to spray at level 1.

This change restricts the fight against the Royal RNG, particularly in the early stages, and seems to be based on the positive reaction of the players to the Locked and Loaded LTM.

Lost Treasure Patch Notes Apex Legends With Emotes Updates

When you play or reposition yourself via a ball before now, emotes have been available – showing the personalities of characters when you go skydiving. Season 9, however, brings the group with emotes, beginning with three each.

Apex Legends Season 1 Patch Notes For Legends

There were some buff and nerves this year and the Apex Legends tier list was revised accordingly – even as soon as we have more opportunities to play on each character it is likely to change in the latest Apex Legends patch notes.


  • Combat Revive: Doesn’t use a shield anymore. Will two players relive simultaneously now. Can now cancel active revives to allow your teammate’s knockdown shield to protect himself.
  • O.D. D. Heal Drone: Healing rate rose from 5hp to 8hp per second. The period before healing starts to be shortened by around 33%.
  • Care Package: Reduced cooldown between 6 and 5 minutes. Now, guarantee upgrading in three groups (if possible): Body Shield, Other Equipment (Helmet, Backpack, Knockdown Shield), and Weapon Attachment depending on the existing equipment of your team when the package comes in.


  • Stim: Cooldown from 4s to 1s stimuli was reduced. Health costs increased between 12 and 20 HP.
  • Increased distribution of bullets during the air and fired from the low pad.


  • Burglar’s Best Friend: Will now sprint and slide at full speed while the bracelet is in the air. After translocation Loba is no longer slowed.
  • Several bugs have been fixed which caused wristbands to fail.
  • Boutique Black market: increased 90-120s cooldown.


  • Gravity Lift: 30 percent lower lift speed. Lower acceleration side by side. The time at the top of the gravity lift is limited to 2 seconds. Enhanced cooldown between 15 and 20 years.
  • The powers of Horizon are now being zapped by pylons of Wattson.


  • Knuckle Cluster: Fuse’s got two Knuckle Cluster stacks now. Reduced 25s to 20s cooldown.


  • Smoke Launchers: Thick smoke spray for suffocating enemies.


  • Eye Of The Allfather: No longer assist from the eye of the Allfather.


  • The drone of Crypto will now search and open packages for treatment.
  • Can’t use its drone anymore to hijack an already used respawn light.

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Apex Legends Update Season 5 Patch Notes For Marksman Weapons

In the latest Apex Legends patch notes, the category Marksman, which sits between snipers and assault rifles, has now shifted four guns. The arms included Bocek Bow, G7 Scout, Triple Take, and Repeater 30-30.

These arms now make it possible for players to travel slightly more quickly than before, and the distribution of summits was made more coherent.

Apex Legends Season 8 Patch Notes For Supply Drops

The Triple Take is transferred to the Supply Drops, and the Peacekeeper is looted. Both of them have slightly different profiles that can be seen below. But the Kraber will spawn less frequently at the early stage and more often at the middle part of the game to balance two long-range weapons in Supply Drops. This is a great bug fix in the Apex Legends update patch notes.

Apex Legends Season 5 Patch Notes: Chaos Theory

Anyone who has landed south from the Chaos Theory update on Kings Canyon has smelled a little nasty. Caustic has flooded his lethal Nox Gas with the water treatment POI and creatively named it Caustic Therapy. Caustic had plans to expel the Nox gas to the people of Solace City, who would have been unconscious test subjects in his deadly experiments, for the Apex foreheads out there (myself included).

This is where you can find a bunch of reasonable loot among the toxic wastes. for those who just want to play the game. However, it’s already very common, so beware of enemy teams when they land.

Apex Legends Season 5 Update Patch Notes For No-Fill Matchmaking

In these patch notes Apex Legends, if you uncheck the ‘auto-fill match’ box, no teammates join you in the game. That may sound poor – and it certainly will disadvantage you – but if you want to reinforce your solo skills against full teams, this new addition is an advance.

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How To Update To Enjoy The Latest Apex Legends Patch Notes

This latest update is installed automatically if you have allowed automated game updates on your game platform. If not, this game must be updated manually. To enjoy the Apex Legends season 3 patch notes on PS4, the button “Options” will require you to pick Apex Legends. Click on the “Check Update” button. Now you can check and install the latest update of this game on your PS4.

For Xbox One, tap on the “Manage Game and Add-Ons” and then click on “Updates.” Now you are going to search and screen the latest update in this game on your Xbox One. You will need to update this game on Nintendo Switch from the ‘Home’ or eShop menu.

If you do not want to upgrade this game, the most recent update on your switch will be reviewed. This game from the Play Store is to be updated on Android. The App Store will update this game on iOS.

Update the game from the shop where you installed this game on your PC. It can be found on Steam, Origin, and Microsoft. The game will also search whether you installed it from Steam or Origin for the latest update during its launch. So, without searching for updates, you can update the game by hand.

Reload, Respawn & Repeat Got Massive With The Latest Apex Legends Patch Notes

The PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC are available free of charge from Apex Legends via origin and steam. Apex Legends patch notes 1.68 has arrived and this patch is a complete set of improvements and corrections. We hope you enjoy this hell of a game after it got the latest patch update, given that Apex Legends patch notes Reddit is already getting the overdue popularity. Happy Gaming!

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