Amazing Vastu Tips For Your House, Better Life, And Prosperity

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You might have heard about Vastu shastra, but you would need help understanding what it is all about and why it is essential. A Vastu consultant near me suggests that Vastu shastra is an ancient Indian science. 

The universe is built of positive and negative energy to maintain balance. Vastu is all about getting rid of negative energy and enhancing positive energy. You can connect with the Vastu consultant to learn more about Vastu shastra.

There is much more to Vastu shastra than just helping you with financial progress.

Some of the Elements of Vastu and its Dominant Directions

The universe comprises 5 elements per Vastu, including air, space, earth, fire, and water. It says balancing all these elements is essential for attracting positivity in your house. Vastu consultant online in India suggests that every element has some dominant direction.

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  • Earth (Prithvi)

It is known for providing stability and patience while it dominates the centre and diagonal direction.

  • Air (Vayu)

It is known for ringing all life’s elements of fun and happiness. It mainly dominates the east.

  • Space (Akasha)

It represents the mental space, is responsible for all social energy, and dominates the West side.

  • Fire (Agni)

Fire mainly represents confidence, money, and success while dominating the South.

  • Water (Jal)

Water is one of the essential elements of human life and is associated with immunity and health. It dominates the North side, as per a Vastu consultant near me.

Vastu for Home for Financial Prosperity

Most people make Vastu sound challenging and complicated to follow, while it is straightforward. 

Here are some simple tips you can follow for Vastu at your home:

  • As the house’s main door is the energy entry, the Vastu consultant suggests keeping it clean and decorated to attract positive energy.
  • The purple colour represents wealth, so painting the walls of your house purple can be unique. If repainting your walls is challenging, you can keep money plants in a purple-colored flower pot as an alternative.
  • The cash locker must be kept in the South or South West direction of your house so that it opens to the North of your house.
  • One of the best ways to attract wealth is by placing a mirror in front of the cash locker. It symbolises that your money is doubling up.
  • Keeping the water body in the northeastern part of the house will symbolise the flow of constructive energy. You must place the water body in a water garden or any other water body showpiece, including the small fountain.
  • Ensure that you repair all your taps of leaky faucets or any faulty plumbing to avoid financial loss.
  • As per the Vastu consultant, it must have a bird feeder in the northwestern part of the house as it is one of the simplest ways to attract money in Vastu.
  • Having a fish is beneficial, so an aquarium in the northeastern part of the house will be a good placement, per Vastu expert. But you need to ensure that you keep the aquarium clean.
  • You must maintain an unrestricted airflow in your house so that money flows better, and you must keep wind chimes on the entrance to ensure optimum cash flow.

Tips For Your Academic Growth

  • It would be best if you placed the study table on the East or North side of your room for optimum concentration, as per the best Vastu experts.
  • To ensure optimum energy flow, you need to keep some space between the wall and the study table.
  • Your study room should not be in the same room as the toilets.
  • The bookshelf must be placed in the North-East, and ensure that there is no reflection of your books in the mirror as it increases the study pressure on children.
  • To get luck in education, you must have a well-lit lamp on the South-East corner of your study table.

Vastu tips for Excellent Health

  • You must ensure that you sleep with your head towards your South for a sound sleep.
  • The centre of your house must always be left vacant or should have minimum furniture. It will ensure that energy flows freely without any restrictions.
  • You must know that imbalance of fire elements leads to sickness, so to balance it, the best place for any fire element, including candles or any other fireplace, is North-West or South-East direction.


Above all, you can also follow some Vastu tips for improving your relationships, like placing happy pictures of your loved ones in the North-East direction. It will help bring positivity, growth, and happiness to your life.

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