All You Need To Know About the Brooklyn Nets Jerseys

If you are someone who follows the NBA closely, then you’re bound to be familiar with the Brooklyn Nets and their exemplary track record. 

With big names like Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving on their roster, the four-time NBA division title winners have given their fans and the sport a lot to cheer about. 

In the 2020-21 season, the Brooklyn Nets players wore six different jerseys. But this shouldn’t come as a surprise, given that the richness of the Brooklyn nets jersey history is common knowledge. 

This post will break down some of the most iconic Brooklyn Nets jersey editions for you. 

Decoding the Brooklyn Nets Jersey Editions 

Drum rolls, please. Here are some of the best Association, City, Icon and Statement Nets jerseys over the years and what made them so famous. 

The City Edition 

The city edition jerseys are meant to be a celebration of the hometown that the team represents. Let’s take the 2021-22 city edition jersey, for instance – the blue, red, and white combination is a clear departure from the traditional black and white ensemble. 

However, it’s hard to miss the powerful symbolism here: the revamped colours are a throwback to the team’s days as a New Jersey-based outfit. Nevertheless, this duality only makes the city edition jersey a lot more iconic than it already is. 

The Association Edition 

If the city edition jerseys were all about the team’s roots, the association edition is all about the NBA. This jersey type debuted post the 2017-18 season as a replacement for the home uniforms. 

Remember the all-white jerseys that the Brooklyn Nets sported during the 2012 season? Turns out, it was so well-received that it remains the official Nets’ Association Edition to date, even post the Nike takeover. 

The Statement Edition 

For the statement edition jerseys, the Brooklyn Nets have a long-standing tradition of collaborating with local designers and artists – giving them a chance to showcase their talent. Take the 2019-20 statement edition jersey designed by Eric Haze, a Brooklyn artist himself. 

The statement edition’s headline feature is the central letters BKLYN – an independent creation of Haze. 

What’s more, the unique grey colour is offset by an intricate side piping, coupled with an amplification of the trademark herringbone pattern that has always been associated with the Nets. 

The Iconic Edition 

The iconic jersey editions are primarily worn by the players on their away games. As the name suggests, this jersey type is meant to channel or replicate an aspect that is quintessential Brooklyn Nets. 

Therefore, what can get better than the Black Icon Brooklyn nets jersey initially launched in 2012? Drawing inspiration from Brooklyn’s historic basketball roots, the iconic edition reflects the borough’s electrifying playground energy. 

Moreover, the iconic jerseys’ black-white combination has come to be regarded as the team’s official colours. 

Apart from the ones discussed above, the Brooklyn Nets Classic Edition and Earned Edition jerseys have also been popular with fans. Don’t miss out on them, as they make for great memorabilia! 

Wrapping Up 

There you go. That was everything you needed to know about the Brooklyn Nets jerseys. A jersey is not just a uniform – it carries a trail of match-winning memories, heart-breaking losses, devastating near-misses, and impressions of the players who have worn them with pride. 

Stand in solidarity with the team by wearing a city, association, statement, or iconic edition jersey!

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