Activate this holy month of Ramadan with your HUAWEI watch

HUAWEI watch

 The annual month of Ramadan is full of different activities, be it iftar, late-night shopping, or sleepless nights with family and friends, this often leads to you overeating and disrupting your fitness routine.

Studies have shown that fasting, when done correctly, improves insulin sensitivity, reduces the risk of disease, and helps with weight loss. Hence the importance of staying healthy and active.

Maintaining an active lifestyle doesn’t mean going to the gym every day, but being aware of the small activities throughout the day that can make a difference. You don’t have to be an athlete to move and inspire. You can use your HUAWEI Watch Series 4 as your ultimate fitness companion to track your every effort and movement. Whether you’re opening groceries or running a marathon, your HUAWEI Watch will know your movements and will let you know accordingly.

We’ve put together a guide with some tips to help you stay motivated, stay in shape, and hit new milestones without missing a beat.

During the month of Ramadan, you will need all your strength to concentrate.

At work or at home, do gentle, quick stretches to avoid extreme fatigue during the day. The goal of HUAWEI Watch Series 4 is to be your active partner and provide features that remind you to breathe, walk or stand when you are inactive for long periods of time. If you want to make it even more fun, try downloading Walkout from the App Store, for a chance to do 600+ fun workouts right where you are.

While enjoying the night markets of ramadan wearable Offers or just shopping at the mall, your HUAWEI Watch activity app calculates your total steps, distance, and calories. Practice this regularly during the week and track your progress. While this may inspire you to score more points every day, you will be surprised at the results.

Take your extra time until iftar to re-focus on yourself and get rid of the stress built up through meditation. We all know how difficult it can be to focus on an empty stomach, but just as your body needs to function, so does your brain. Select yoga exercises on the HUAWEI Watch to track all types of yoga sessions, from recovery to Power Vanessa Flow. You may want to download the ultimate solution for meditation and conscience from the App Store. Listen to stories, music, or tutorials to enjoy the benefits of AirPods and free yourself to exercise your mind.

In addition to tracking your daily activities, HUAWEI Watches will help you keep track of your workouts.

Couch fasting is not an excuse to be a potato or to give up your training; Instead, adjust your workout routine accordingly. Exercise an hour before Iftar before your morning workout to avoid dehydration and lack of energy for the day. This is a good way to distract your mind until you stop fasting because the final hours are known to be the hardest.

Given the weather at the moment, you might consider working out indoors. Your HUAWEI watch will automatically detect the most popular games when you leave; Such as running, cycling, swimming, and more, if you haven’t already, it will alert you to launch a dedicated workout app to check your efforts.

Always listen to your body! Avoid doing cardio for long periods of time if you feel dehydrated. Set clear goals and map your race with a speed alert on your wrist that will notify you if you’re behind or in front of your goal. Do not abuse it as it may be damaged during your restore, or use the Cadence feature in your HUAWEI Watch; This will keep you safe from injury by sending you information about your steps every minute, allowing you to adjust your running strategy.

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