A Guide for Upgrading Office Phone to the VoIP Phone System


More and more businesses are shifting to this VoIP phone system while saying goodbye to their previous office phones. A reliable communication system is one of the cornerstones of daily business operations. This is because businesses need to have internal as well as external communications for managing their day-to-day jobs. Previously, most large and small businesses were relying on either landline phone systems or on-premises VoIP. But now, the trend has shifted as a more reliable, economical, efficient, easy-to-use, and manageable technology with the name of VoIP or cloud PBX has evolved.

The Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is increasingly becoming the golden rule of modern corporate communications because it is a proven technology that allows people to make phone calls over the Internet connection. Although the technology was developed in 1995, yet, it has evolved to become more stable and reliable with the development of broadband and turned into the go-to solution for more and more businesses when upgrading their phone systems. If you are thinking to get rid of your old office phone, consider VoIP in your options.

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What is a VoIP Phone System?

Voice over internet protocol is a modern-day communication technology that has taken the business world by storm. Another term for VoIP that you may hear tech people use is cloud PBX. This high-tech phone system makes it possible to transmit voice messages and other types of communication over the internet.

A VoIP phone converts voice (analog) signals into digital data. This digital data is then transmitted over the internet to the receiver in data packets. And at the receiver, this data is converted back to analog signals, so that it becomes an understandable message. Furthermore, VoIP, besides voice call, offers features like call forwarding, call waiting, caller ID, conference calling, etc.

Why Choose Voice over Internet Protocol Phone System?

There are a great many ways your business can benefit from a VoIP phone service; we have mentioned a few of them here in this blog.

Cost Savings:

It is a budget-friendly business communications system that you can most probably run on your existing internet connection. Unlike other phone technologies, you don’t have to buy any expensive hardware to install and run your communication system. You can use your laptops, mobile phones, or existing telephones to run this service.

Also, as the technology is internet-based, you don’t need to invest in the installation of these phones. The maintenance is also on the service providers and not you. Hence, you can save the cost of hardware, installation, and maintenance if you are planning to shift to this technology.

Easy to Install:

If you compare it with traditional landline phones or on-premises PBX, you will see the installation and configuration of VoIP systems could be super easy. With a landline system or PBX, office phones require physical lines to receive phone service. VoIP phone systems, on the other hand, eliminate the need to install any physical phone lines. All you need to do is to connect IP phones to the corporate network via Ethernet lines.

More Scalability:

Scalability is one of the most valuable characteristics of VoIP phones. This is because it ameliorates the ability of a system to handle a growing amount of workload, normally by adding resources to the system, without affecting its overall performance or efficiency. Therefore, VoIP phone systems grow with your business by offering greater flexibility for staff growth and reduction. Conclusively, you can increase and decrease extensions immediately when you are working with this technology.

Enhanced Flexibility: 

The VoIP phone technology offers better flexibility than other phone systems in a way that you can use take and make calls wherever you are. The call routing feature of VoIP makes it possible. Furthermore, there is also no restriction of the hardware for communication. You can use any internet-enabled device to have smooth and reliable communication.

Offers Abundance of Features:

A VoIP phone system delivers a number of features that are either not supported by traditional telephone systems or only available for an additional fee. These built-in features help companies meet important safety and security needs, including the ability to connect with emergency services while using internet. VoIP technology provides features like call recording, call transfer, call routing, call analytics, call monitoring, conference calls, file transfer, and many more features. All in all, this technology is far superior in-service delivery and cost than all other technologies you can choose for your business.

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